A caller shocks Radio Four by calling Liz Truss “all fart and no s***.”

A caller shocks Radio Four by calling Liz Truss “all fart and no s***.”

A caller shocked Radio 4 listeners by claiming that outgoing Prime Minister Liz Truss was “all fart and no s***.” This has sparked yet another blue language controversy.BBC Radio 4 Any Answers? presenter Anita Anand was shocked when a caller used foul language on today's show when referring to the outgoing Prime Minister

The remarks were made during this afternoon’s broadcast of Any Answers? A telephone number where callers can discuss the subjects covered in the most recent episode of Any Questions?

Anita Anand was taking calls from listeners regarding whether they believe Boris Johnson should return to the position of prime minister, since his supporters claimed he has 100 Tory MP backing in the leadership campaign.

Olivia Correy from the outskirts of Exmoor called in to disagree with a previous caller’s stance against Boris’s return to the job.'She's all fart and no s***': Caller Olivia Correy was promptly cut off from Radio 4's Any Answers? after using rude language to describe Liz Truss

BBC Radio 4 Any Solutions? Presenter Anita Anand was astonished when a caller referred to the departing Prime Minister with profanity on today’s broadcast.

Olivia Correy was abruptly cut off from Radio 4’s Any Answers? after declaring, “She’s all fart and no s***.” Following the use of foul words to describe Liz Truss

Ms. Anand stated, “You may have heard Diana Coventry a little earlier… she has always been a staunch admirer of Boris Johnson, but on this occasion she says, “Please, Boris Johnson, do not return.”

The broadcaster questioned caller Ms. Correy, “Do you have a different opinion?”

The apparently mild-mannered Ms. Correy told the BBC Radio 4 host, ‘I do… I consider Miss Truss to be a breeze.’

She is all flatulence and no s***.'F*** you, you b*****d!' Comedian and actress Miriam Margolyes shocked BBC Radio 4 listeners last Saturday by telling presenters what she had 'really wanted to say' to Jeremy Hunt

The horrified host abruptly interjected, “Oh no, oh no!” You are aware that we cannot use such words on the BBC.’

The caller responded “I’m sorry”

Ms. Anand stated, “We simply can’t, so we’ll bid farewell.”

“It’s a shame, since I actually don’t mind passion. I like it, it’s good, and people should be concerned with politics. However, we cannot speak like that.

It’s Radio 4, thank god.

She then transferred to another caller who, thankfully, refrained from using profanity.

This comes only one week after actress Miriam Margolyes used the F-bomb on last Saturday’s Today programme, revealing she wanted to tell Chancellor Jeremy Hunt, “f*** you, you b*****d!”

‘F*** you, you b*****d!’ Last Saturday, actress and comedian Miriam Margolyes stunned BBC Radio 4 listeners by revealing what she’really wanted to say’ to Jeremy Hunt.

Hunt had been questioned by journalist Justin Webb on the Today programme prior to Margolyes regarding the government’s new economic strategy.

Last Friday, the 81-year-old comic was on the show to discuss the death of her friend, Harry Potter star Robbie Coltrane.

The actress told the broadcaster Justin Webb, “I never dreamed I’d be sitting in the seat Jeremy Hunt was in.”

“When I saw him there, I just remarked, “You’ve got a great job; best of luck,” but what I actually wanted to say was, “F*** you, you jerk!” However, you cannot say that.

According to the BBC, Margolyes later told producers that she had incorrectly believed she was no longer on air.

»A caller shocks Radio Four by calling Liz Truss “all fart and no s***.”«

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