Try Guys producers address Ned Fulmer’s cheating controversy

Try Guys producers address Ned Fulmer’s cheating controversy

The creators of the well-known YouTube program The Try Guys have spoken of their astonishment and anguish upon finding that their co-host Ned Fulmer had cheated on his wife with a coworker and have given reasons for their decision to let him go.

According to the creators, Fulmer will be removed from the majority of their unaired footage as well as from marketing and advertising efforts.

In a video posted to their YouTube account on Monday, the trio—Keith Habersberger, Zach Kornfeld, and Eugene Lee Yang—tipped their 7.8 million viewers off to the most recent information.

They acknowledged that they were made aware of the existence of video showing their colleague co-founder Fulmer kissing producer Alexandria Herring passionately on Labor Day.

The three claimed that on September 16, Fulmer was sacked from their organization.

According to 35-year-old Habersberger, “Ned validated the claims and later confirmed that this had been going on for some time, which was obviously quite disturbing to us.”

And we simply want you to know that we were completely unaware of what was happening.

“All of that knowledge was as surprising to us as it has been to you this week,” someone once said.

Ariel Fulmer, who often appeared on the YouTube program, is married to Fulmer, 35, and the two of them have two small boys.

In addition, Fulmer and his wife co-hosted the Baby Steps podcast, which offered a frank look at how they raise their “Instagram-worthy family.”

The three of them, according to Yang, who had been in a committed relationship with Olympic gold medal-winning swimmer Matthew McLean, were saddened by the harm Fulmer had done to their business and reputation.

A visibly irate Yang, 36, said, “We were painfully aware from the outset exactly how opposed this was to the values of the firm we’ve developed and those of everyone who works here.”

We take this matter extremely seriously. We refused to ignore the situation.

We don’t stand for it; it’s not who we are.

The 32-year-old Kornfeld fought back tears as he described how upset and saddened they were by Fulmer’s conduct.

We may never be able to adequately express the grief we are experiencing right now, he remarked.

Rewatching old videos that we love and are proud of is challenging.

We’re losing a buddy, someone with whom we founded a firm, and someone with whom we have many memories.

Habersberger said that they had ordered a third-party investigation of Fulmer’s behavior and came to the conclusion that they could no longer cooperate with him.

Now, we can’t discuss the specifics of the evaluation, but suffice it to say that we discovered Ned had engaged in behavior unworthy of our team and we realized we couldn’t work with him going ahead.

Then Kornfeld revealed how they had removed Fulmer from their broadcasts via editing.

According to Kornfeld, “over the course of a few weeks, that’s included eliminating his part from videos, digitally erasing him from others, and opting not to include him in our merch throws.”

We’ve determined that a number of videos are completely unsuitable for release.

You won’t see them because of his participation, I’m sorry.

And we’ve spent a lot of money as a result of that choice.

Although he added that they were all “working with our editors in finding creative solutions to the material,” he said that the three of them had determined it was worthwhile to pay the price.

Yang said, “We also want to warn you that the internet tends to be far harsher against women than males.”

“Therefore, we kindly request that you practice compassion.”

“We were certainly tremendously startled and terribly upset by all of this,” Kornfeld said in his conclusion.

“With this person, we had established a firm and a brand over the course of eight years.”

We are disappointed, not only individually but also on behalf of our team and the supporters who had faith in us.

The story started when a bar patron in New York City with keen eyes saw Fulmer and Herring making out.

The customer of the pub got in touch with a Reddit member who turned out to be Herring’s fiancé, Will Thayer.

He then published the communications he had obtained to show that Herring and Fulmer were having a sexual encounter.

In texts to Thayer, the unidentified accuser claimed, “So essentially I went out to Niagara the club last night and witnessed her making out with Ned from the try men, I have video if required.”

Thayer then inquired as to the location of the incident and was informed that “the whole time they were making out.” He was groping her and doing other things.

Thayer allegedly came to the conclusion that his fiancée had cheated on him even though the postings to Reddit only include screenshots from the tapes rather than the actual films.

Before deleting all of the images of Herring from his Instagram and making his account private, Thayer said he talked to Fulmer’s wife Ariel for an hour about the claims.

Prior until recently, when the Try Guys officially announced Fulmer’s departure from the group through an Instagram post, most of it seemed to be an unsubstantiated rumor.

The Try Guys no longer employ Ned Fulmer. Following a careful internal analysis, we are unable to find a way ahead together. We appreciate your patience as we work through this adjustment,’ the message said.

The group’s message, which has more than 7.8 million YouTube followers, was supported by a subsequent statement from Fulmer, who acknowledged the incident.

Family should have always been my first concern, but I became distracted while maintaining a friendly working connection. Fulmer stated, “I’m sorry for whatever hurt my actions may have caused to the teammates and the fans, but especially to Ariel.

I’m going to concentrate my attention on my wife and my kids because they are the only things that count right now, he said.

The couple appeared to be in love in all of their content, and they even co-authored and published a cookbook last year called “The Date Night Cookbook.”

Ariel Fulmer immediately after that posted a message on her Instagram saying, “Thanks to everyone who has reached out to me – it means a lot. Family is important to me and Ned, and all we want right now is that you respect our privacy for the sake of our children.

Wesley, who was born in April 2018, and Finley, who was born in November 2020, are Fulmer and his wife’s two boys.

The group got its start at Buzzfeed in 2014 when the four guys began making films and experimenting while working there.

Herring worked as a producer for the Try Guys in addition to appearing in a different YouTube series called Food Babies.

When Fulmer was absent from recent Try Guys videos, missing out on podcast episodes, and even seemed to have been edited out of certain recordings, fans of the program felt something was fishy.

Ariel also missed the most recent episodes of the Try Guys’ spouses’ podcast, You Can Sit With Us.

»Try Guys producers address Ned Fulmer’s cheating controversy«

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