Jennifer Lopez Shares Tips for Enhancing Movie Nights with Delola Cocktails and ‘Atlas

Jennifer Lopez Shares Tips for Enhancing Movie Nights with Delola Cocktails and ‘Atlas

Jennifer Lopez recently celebrated a major milestone with her new action film, Atlas, which has quickly become one of Netflix’s top-streaming films.

Since its release, Atlas has captivated audiences worldwide, amassing over 60 million views globally. This marks Lopez’s fourth top-streaming film on Netflix in the past two years, showcasing her sustained popularity and talent in the entertainment industry.

Enhancing the Movie-Watching Experience

To make the movie-watching experience even more enjoyable, Lopez shared her personal tips on pairing the perfect drink with her latest film.

In a candid and playful video, she recommended enjoying Atlas with a cocktail from her own brand, Delola.

Sitting comfortably on her couch with a bowl of popcorn, Lopez demonstrated how she uses a device she “borrowed” from the set of Atlas to interact with the AI character Smith, played by Gregory James Cohan.

AI and Movie Night Fun

In the video, Lopez showcased the device and engaged in a humorous exchange with the AI character. She asked Smith for the ideal drink to complement the viewing of Atlas.

The AI responded by suggesting Delola Light cocktails, praising their perfect balance of celebration and sophistication, much like Lopez herself.

This interaction highlighted the fun and innovative ways technology can enhance the home entertainment experience.

Dominating the Streaming Charts

Atlas didn’t just make waves; it dominated the streaming charts. According to Luminate’s streaming rankings, Atlas was the most-watched film for the week of May 24–30.

It logged an impressive 1.3 billion minutes watched, which translates to nearly 11 million views based on the film’s 120-minute runtime.

This achievement placed Atlas far ahead of other top films, with the second-place entry being watched approximately one billion minutes fewer.

Comparison with Other Top Films

While Netflix’s viewership data can sometimes be opaque, the sheer number of minutes watched solidifies Atlas as a major hit.

It outperformed not only other films but also top series during the same period. For example, the most-viewed series, Bridgerton, garnered 766.8 million minutes watched, significantly less than Atlas.

Other films in the top 10, such as Netflix’s Mother Of The Bride and Prime Video’s The Blue Angels, lagged far behind with 223 million and 181.4 million minutes watched, respectively.

Broader Streaming Trends

The success of Atlas is part of a broader trend where high-quality, star-driven content consistently attracts massive viewership on streaming platforms.

Other notable entries in the top 10 included Netflix’s Thelma The Unicorn, Prime Video’s The Idea Of You, and Disney+’s The Beach Boys. Despite the competitive landscape, Atlas stood out not only for its high viewership but also for the significant interest it generated among audiences.

Jennifer Lopez’s Influence and Appeal

The impressive performance of Atlas underscores Jennifer Lopez’s enduring influence and appeal in the entertainment industry. Her ability to draw viewers to her projects is a testament to her talent and connection with fans.

The success of Atlas also highlights the potential for future projects that blend action, sci-fi, and innovative promotional strategies, such as her playful use of AI and personalized drink recommendations.


Jennifer Lopez has once again proven her star power with the release of Atlas. By pairing the film with her Delola cocktails, she offers fans a way to elevate their movie-watching experience.

The film’s extraordinary performance on Netflix, coupled with Lopez’s creative promotional efforts, exemplifies the evolving landscape of home entertainment and the continuing allure of well-crafted, star-driven content.

As Lopez continues to innovate and captivate, her projects are sure to remain highly anticipated and widely celebrated.

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