Jimmy Carter’s Grandson Provides Health Update 15 Months After Entering Hospice Care

Jimmy Carter’s Grandson Provides Health Update 15 Months After Entering Hospice Care

Fifteen months after former President Jimmy Carter entered hospice care, his grandson Jason Carter has provided a heartfelt update on his grandfather’s condition.

Despite the initial prognosis, the 99-year-old former president continues to persevere, experiencing life to the fullest within the confines of his situation.

No Significant Change in Condition

According to Jason, there has been “no significant change” in Carter’s condition. This update was shared with Southern Living Magazine, highlighting the former president’s remarkable resilience.

Jason described his grandfather as “experiencing the world as best he can as he continues through this process.” The former president has been in hospice care since February 2023, far surpassing the average hospice stay of 70 days.

Reflecting on a Long Life and Marriage

Carter’s enduring presence is particularly poignant following the death of his wife, Rosalynn Carter, last November.

The couple had been married for an astonishing 77 years. Jason reflected on this, saying, “God had other plans,” regarding his grandfather’s unexpected longevity after his wife’s passing. He noted the deep, incomprehensible impact of losing a life partner after so many years together.

Daily Life and Interaction

Jason shared insights into his grandfather’s daily life, noting that while Carter isn’t awake every day, he still enjoys conversations with relatives and visitors when he is.

The former president continues to receive care at his home in Plains, Georgia.

During a recent visit, Jason and his grandfather watched an Atlanta Braves game and discussed The Carter Center, the family’s nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing human rights and alleviating human suffering.

A Glimpse into Hospice Care

Paige Alexander, CEO of The Carter Center, provided additional details about Carter’s condition.

Speaking on The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Politically Georgia podcast, she mentioned that there has been no significant change in Carter’s health.

Alexander emphasized that while Carter is in hospice care and receives palliative measures for pain, no further medical treatments are being pursued.

Enduring Legacy and Resilience

Despite his frail health, Carter remains the same remarkable figure he has always been. Alexander remarked on his enduring spirit, saying, “He is just the same remarkable man.

He has always been outliving and surprising us all.” This sentiment resonates deeply with those who have followed Carter’s life and career, underscoring his resilience and fortitude.

Family Reflections and Faith Journey

Jason Carter’s reflections during a recent mental health forum provided further insight into his grandfather’s condition.

He acknowledged that Carter’s time is coming to an end, but also highlighted the importance of faith in his grandfather’s journey.

Jason remarked, “There’s a part of this faith journey that is so important to him, and there’s a part of that faith journey that you only can live at the very end.”

A Tribute to Rosalynn Carter

Reflecting on the recent past, Jason recalled the private funeral service for Rosalynn Carter.

The service was a poignant tribute to her life and legacy, attended by close family members.

Jimmy Carter attended the service in a wheelchair, adorned with a red lei to honor Rosalynn’s love of Hawaii, a place that held special memories for the couple from their time living there during Carter’s Navy years.

Continuing a Legacy of Service

Rosalynn Carter was celebrated not just as the First Lady of the White House but as a dedicated public servant who impacted lives globally.

Maranatha Pastor Tony Lowden, during her service, paid tribute to her life and legacy, emphasizing her commitment to serving every nation around the world. Rosalynn was laid to rest at the couple’s modest home in Plains, Georgia, a place that symbolizes their lifelong partnership and shared dedication to public service.


As Jimmy Carter continues his journey in hospice care, his family’s reflections provide a touching portrait of resilience, faith, and enduring love.

Despite the challenges of his condition, Carter’s legacy as a remarkable leader and compassionate human being remains strong. His story is a testament to the enduring power of faith, love, and the human spirit.