Keir Starmer Affirms Labour’s Stance on Biological Sex and Gender Amid Controversy in Basingstoke

Labour Leader Keir Starmer sparked renewed debate on gender identity and biological sex during a campaign visit to Basingstoke, echoing sentiments expressed by former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Starmer’s remarks have ignited scrutiny and controversy, particularly among gender rights advocates and within his own party, regarding his stance on these sensitive issues as the election draws nearer.

Tony Blair’s Influence and Starmer’s Alignment

During a recent interview with Holyrood magazine, Tony Blair articulated a clear stance on biological sex, emphasizing that biologically, a woman is characterized by having a vagina and a man by having a penis.

This straightforward assertion has resonated within political circles, prompting questions about Labour’s position under Starmer’s leadership.

In response to Blair’s comments, Starmer affirmed his agreement, endorsing Blair’s definition of biological sex as accurate and straightforward.

Starmer’s Previous Remarks and Evolution of Views

Keir Starmer’s recent statements come in the wake of previous controversies surrounding his remarks on transgender issues.

Last year, Starmer drew criticism for stating that ‘99.9 per cent of women’ do not have a penis, a comment that stirred debate on inclusivity and gender identity.

His stance was further questioned in 2021 when he disagreed with Labour MP Rosie Duffield’s assertion that ‘only women have a cervix’. However, Starmer has since clarified his position, acknowledging the biological accuracy of Duffield’s statement.

Party Actions and Reactions

The Labour Party’s handling of internal dissent on gender-related issues has also come under scrutiny. Recently, Labour suspended Lord Michael Cashman, a prominent LGBT rights campaigner and former EastEnders actor, after he made contentious remarks about Rosie Duffield.

Cashman’s comments sparked backlash, with accusations of insensitivity and personal attacks against Duffield, who has been vocal about her concerns for personal safety amidst online harassment related to her views on women’s rights and single-sex spaces.

Rosie Duffield’s Response and Electoral Challenges

Rosie Duffield, standing for re-election in Canterbury, expressed disappointment over Cashman’s remarks, emphasizing the personal nature of his criticism and its impact on her campaign.

Duffield, known for her advocacy of women’s rights, revealed the extreme measures she has taken to ensure her safety during campaigning, including hiring bodyguards due to persistent trolling and threats from online detractors.

Keir Starmer’s Defense and Party Unity

In response to the controversy surrounding Lord Cashman’s suspension, Keir Starmer defended the party’s decision, labeling Cashman’s remarks as inappropriate and swiftly withdrawing party support.

Starmer underscored the importance of maintaining party discipline and unity, particularly amidst heightened tensions and external pressures during the election season.


Keir Starmer’s alignment with Tony Blair’s assertion on biological sex underscores Labour’s evolving stance on gender identity issues, navigating a delicate balance between inclusivity and biological definitions.

As the election approaches, Labour faces internal challenges and external scrutiny over its handling of gender-related discourse, reflecting broader societal debates on rights, identity, and representation.

Starmer’s statements and the party’s actions will continue to shape public discourse and influence voter perceptions on these critical issues in the run-up to polling day.

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