Paul Mescal Courts Controversy at Gucci Show in Milan with Bold Short Shorts and Fashion-Forward Ensemble

Paul Mescal, renowned for his fashion statements, caused a stir at Milan Fashion Week SS25 by attending Gucci’s show in a daring ensemble that included controversial short shorts.

The 28-year-old actor, known for his role in ‘Normal People’, showcased Gucci’s new collection with a light blue shirt and striped short shorts, a look that has divided fans and fashion critics alike.

Paul Mescal’s Fashion Statement

Sporting items from Gucci’s latest line, Paul Mescal paired a logoed light blue shirt, provocatively half-buttoned, with striped short shorts that resembled boxers.

Completing his avant-garde outfit were long white socks and black Gucci loafers. In an interview with GQ, Mescal expressed his advocacy for men wearing shorter shorts, citing proportion and personal style as key factors influencing his fashion choices.

Milan Fashion Week Highlights

The trend of short shorts extended beyond Paul Mescal, with Italian rapper Tony Effe also embracing the style at the Gucci show.

Tony paired black short shorts with a red shirt, accessorizing with long white socks and chunky black loafers, echoing Mescal’s bold fashion statement.

The catwalk itself featured models donning similarly provocative attire, including oversized shirts paired with fluorescent pink shorts and purple button-downs revealing toned abs, all styled with Gucci’s signature flair.

Embracing the Short Shorts Trend

Beyond the runway, the short shorts trend has made waves among celebrities and attendees alike at Milan Fashion Week.

Singer Alvin Chong was spotted at the Zegna show in boxer-length shorts, aligning with Paul Mescal’s preference for bolder fashion choices.

Mescal’s penchant for short shorts has garnered attention since his appearance in ‘Normal People’, with fans affectionately referring to them as ‘sl*t shorts’, a term popularized by media outlets and fashion enthusiasts.

Public and Fan Reactions

Paul Mescal’s choice of attire at Milan Fashion Week has sparked vigorous debate online. Admirers lauded his boldness, with some declaring him the ‘King of Short Shorts’ and urging him to continue defying traditional fashion norms.

However, critics argued that the trend has crossed a line, with detractors likening Mescal’s shorts to boxers rather than high-fashion attire. Despite mixed reactions, Mescal’s influence on fashion discourse remains undeniable, with his appearances setting trends and shaping conversations in the fashion industry.


Paul Mescal’s appearance at Gucci’s Milan Fashion Week show epitomizes his status as a fashion icon willing to push boundaries.

His choice to wear short shorts not only reflects personal style preferences but also challenges conventional norms in menswear.

As debates around gender norms and fashion evolve, Mescal’s influence continues to resonate, underscoring the dynamic intersection of celebrity, style, and societal expectations on the global stage of fashion.


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