Turkish Hospital Accused of Holding British Grandfather Hostage Over Unpaid £41,000 Medical Bill in Marmaris

A Turkish hospital in Marmaris has been accused of holding a British grandfather “hostage” until his family pays a £41,000 medical bill. The retired pub landlord, Malcolm Stocker, 68, fell critically ill while on holiday and has been in intensive care for nearly a month. The hospital has reportedly refused to release him until at least half of the bill is paid.

Medical Emergency on Holiday

Malcolm Stocker’s holiday turned into a nightmare when he fell ill during a two-week stay with his girlfriend, Jane, in Icmeler. Initially suffering from dehydration and an upset stomach, Stocker’s condition quickly worsened.

He was admitted to the Ahu Hospital in Marmaris after his sodium and potassium levels were found to be dangerously low.

A chest X-ray revealed he had pneumonia, leading to his placement in a medically induced coma and intubation.

Despite being brought out of the coma two weeks ago, Stocker remains heavily sedated.

His daughter, Emma-Jane, 33, describes the situation as heartbreaking, with her father unaware of his surroundings and thinking he is on a cruise ship.

The family, already distressed by his condition, is now facing the additional stress of a significant financial burden.

Financial Strain and Hospital Demands

The hospital has demanded that the family pay £20,000 upfront before Stocker can be discharged.

They have also retained his passport, preventing him from leaving the country. Emma-Jane, a medical secretary, and her sister, Kerry-Ann, 37, flew to Turkey to be with their father.

They have faced difficulties communicating with hospital staff, few of whom speak English, and have been granted limited access to their father, often being told to leave after only a few minutes.

Emma-Jane revealed that her father, who had several pre-existing medical conditions, was unable to secure travel insurance for the trip.

Despite this, he decided to go, fully aware that he would not be covered in case of an emergency. The family is now struggling to meet the hospital’s demands, feeling intimidated and pressured by the institution.

Seeking Help and Raising Funds

The family has reached out to the British Embassy in Turkey, only to be advised to start a GoFundMe page to raise the necessary funds for a medical evacuation flight, which can cost up to £20,000. So far, they have raised almost £5,000.

Emma-Jane expressed frustration and despair over the situation, feeling that her father is being held hostage until the bill is paid.

“We just want to get him home, but until we pay the hospital, they are refusing to hand back his passport and are demanding we pay £20,000,” she said.

“We really feel we are being intimidated. My brother Lee is at the hospital, and they told him we are not appreciative enough and that they had saved his life.”

Despite appreciating the medical care her father has received, the family cannot afford the demanded sum.

Emma-Jane has described the hospital’s actions as a form of detainment, preventing her father from returning home.

A Desperate Appeal for Support

Emma-Jane and Kerry-Ann have launched a fundraising campaign with a target of £29,000, hoping to cover the medical bill and arrange for their father’s safe return to the UK.

The situation is dire, with their father still too unwell to leave the hospital or travel. Emma-Jane highlighted the emotional toll on the family, particularly as they see their father confused and sedated.

The family’s appeal has garnered some support, but they need more assistance to reach their goal. “We do not have the sort of money that the hospital is asking for,” Emma-Jane said.

“As soon as we raise enough money, we can pay the hospital and arrange a flight home. This situation is worsening, with dad still laid up too unwell to leave let alone travel. We do not know where to turn.”

Uncertain Future

The Stocker family’s ordeal underscores the potential risks and financial burdens of medical emergencies abroad, especially when travel insurance is not available. As they continue to raise funds and navigate this challenging situation, their primary focus remains on bringing Malcolm Stocker home safely.

MailOnline has reached out to the Ahu Hospital for comment. To support the Stocker family’s fundraising efforts, visit their GoFundMe page.

This distressing situation highlights the critical need for adequate travel insurance and the financial vulnerabilities travelers may face when unforeseen medical emergencies occur abroad. The Stocker family’s determination and public appeal are a poignant reminder of the importance of community support in times of crisis.

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