Vidnoz AI Review: Free AI Video Generator to Grow Your Business

Vidnoz AI Review: Free AI Video Generator to Grow Your Business

Video is one of the best mediums to market your business in this fast-paced world. However, producing videos from scratch can be a time and resource-consuming process. That’s where AI video generator text to video tools come in. There are multiple options to select from and here we will be reviewing one of the leading tools: Vidnoz AI.

Vidnoz AI Features

Vidnoz AI is a free AI video generator that it packs advanced industry-leading features that can make the work exceptionally simple for you. Here is an overview of some of the best features of this tool that you can use.

Dual Avatar Conversation Mode

Vidnoz AI has a Dual Avatar Conversation Mode that has the capability of making users create videos with two AI avatars involved in a conversation. This function is best suited to videos where users are conducting interviews, giving lessons, or having debates.

Multiple AI Avatars and Voices

Vidnoz AI gives users an enhanced video production experience by making it easy to opt for a variety of AI avatars and voices for the users’ content purposes. These options help with customization and versatility; enabling users to come up with tailored videos.

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More than 900 Templates for AI videos

Vidnoz AI comes with more than 900 high-quality and diverse templates that can be used for any business sector or need. Save time and energy without the need for the recreation of new video styles since the templates will help generate a professional video. Users can customize the templates by the brand style and in this way, they can always ensure consistency and quality of the cases for their videos.

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AI Voice Cloning

Vidnoz AI Voice Cloning helps you quickly get studio-quality voice clones. With Vidnoz AI, you can quickly create a clone of any voice, complete with features and details. You may quickly generate and download in a matter of seconds rather than waiting hours or days.

This feature allows you to customize the AI cloning voices’ moods and speed. You have the option of a calm or energetic voice. Additionally, you can change the voice speec to fit your preferences.

Make Custom Avatars

Vidnoz AI can quickly and easily generate high-quality, realistic lip-sync AI avatars from your portraits. You may use your own digital avatar for a variety of purposes, like business greetings, webinars, and to create YouTube shorts and Instagram Reels.

Using the AI custom avatars together with scripts and templates, you can create online slideshow-style AI course videos without a hassle.

Vidnoz AI Pros & Cons

Vidnoz AI is a leading Synthesia alternative. Synthesia offers only paid services and there is no free option. However, Vidnoz AI offers 3 free minutes daily without credit cards needed. Below we have listed both the pros and cons of this AI tool.


  • Free usage forever makes it a cost-effective option.
  • The very user-friendly interface makes it easy and time saving.
  • 900+ templates make it very versatile.


  • Advanced AI editing features are limited.

How to Use Vidnoz AI

Using Vidnoz AI is a very simple process as it takes no technical knowledge or prior editing experience. Below are the steps you can follow to create your AI videos with Vidnoz AI. When comparing the two, Vidnoz AI has a more user-friendly interface while Synthesia has more features which also make it a little more complex.

Choose Your Template and Avatar

Start with choosing a template from the wide library of templates that meets your video’s goal and design. Secondly, select an AI avatar that evokes the style and feeling of your piece of content. 

Work on AI Voiceover

Upload your script and select from the AI-generated voices that are available. In sync with the avatar’s mouth movements, the voiceover will be provided automatically by Vidnoz AI to create a natural effect.

Personalize Your AI Video

Now you can change the layout, and add music and other effects like transitions to make sure that the content meets your production goals.


After you are happy with your customization, click “Generate”. AI makes the whole video creation process easier by taking in your inputs and then generating a quality video that can be simply downloaded and shared.

Top Vidnoz AI Alternatives

There are multiple tools with similar functionality and here is an overview of some of its best alternatives:

  • Synthesia is paid only.
  • Heygen only offers a 1-minute free trial.
  • Elai io only offers a 1-minute free trial.

Among all these tools, Vidnoz AI is the best choice for many users for its features and simple UI.


If you are in the market for an AI video generator text to video tool, then Vidnoz AI is your best choice. It is because of the availability of free plans that is perfect for small businesses. Meanwhile, it also offers reliable services with industry-leading features including voiceover, templates, and AI avatars.

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