Dolphins hunt shark from South African bay where swimmer died

Dolphins hunt shark from South African bay where swimmer died

Amazing video shows a Great White Shark being chased away from a bay where one of the man-eaters recently tore a swimmer apart by a group of irate dolphins.

The footage was released when Kimon Bisogno, a 38-year-old sad mother, talked for the first time about the death of his beloved spouse.

A Great White attacked and murdered restaurant owner Kimon barely a week ago while she was swimming in shallow waters off the beach of her vacation hotel.

The drone film, which was posted to YouTube on October 2, shows the 10-foot hunting shark sneaking into the swimming and surfing-friendly seas where sad Kimon was brutally attacked.

The group of 15 dolphins, uneasy with the shark’s presence, swims out to intercept and encircle the predator to make it abundantly apparent that it is not welcome.

Even one courageous dolphin warns the Great White by swimming right over its back, and the shark realizes that its cover has been blown and swims away.

Dolphins may be quite hostile when necessary, according to 40-year-old marine mammal expert Gwen Penry of the Nelson Mandela University in Port Elizabeth.

They may be highly violent with large sharks and are not always the cheerful and smiling creatures that people think they are.

The Great White will not spend its energy on them since it is aware that they cannot compete with the much quicker and more maneuverable dolphins in shallow water.

She said that the dolphins are just letting the shark know that it would be best to move on to another location after being seen and that they are there.

Two Great White murders have occurred in Plettenberg Bay in the last three months, the most recent of which was Kimon, also known as Kiki.

For a lengthy Bank Holiday weekend, she and her Italian-born lover Diego of 14 years had traveled 300 miles from Cape Town to the Beacon Island Hotel.

When a relative contacted him to report that a large shark had bitten her, she had gone swimming at 7.30 am as Diego was getting ready for the beach with their daughter Luna.

It only took the estimated 13-foot-long Great White one bite to kill the little Kimon, whose corpse was subsequently found by a lifeboat crew.

Diego revealed last week in an interview with YOU magazine in South Africa how he heroically disobeyed the rescuers’ orders to stay away from Kimon’s corpse.

The chef also shared his eerie last interactions with his child’s mother.

“I gave her this amazing kiss,” he recalled. I didn’t see her again after that. She was stunning. She was dressed in her red swimsuit.

He added, “I promised her I would be down soon because she couldn’t wait.

It was simply a little bit of a haze, Diego was told in a call to his room. I hurried down and learned that Kiki had been mauled by a shark. And that’s how she proceeded.

The lifeboat team told him not to approach her when they retrieved Kimon.

He said to the publication, “I didn’t care.” I wanted to be present. In spite of her wounds, she looked stunning when she emerged. She passed very suddenly.

Before he left the resort, he claimed to have “made peace with the water” because “she looked so gorgeous when they hauled her out and the visions of her weren’t horrific.”

To honor the spot where she passed away, flowers were placed on the beach, according to Diego. The world is unjust. Numerous things take place that we have no control over, thus we must accept them.

She had a grin on her face at all times. After making his way back to their Cape Town pizzeria, he stated, “She would not have wanted us to mourn her, but to enjoy her.

According to Plett Shark Action Committee member and former lifeboatman Bruce Noble, the Kimon bite wound indicated that the Great White was 13 feet long.

He said that more lifeguards had been sent, along with shark spotters stationed at elevated locations and many drones, to the region.

“Sharks come with the area, but they seldom strike. We have been incredibly unlucky to have two deadly assaults in a short period of time,” Mr. Noble added.

“We continually monitor their activity and presence on our beaches and have taken measures to keep both visitors and residents safe from sharks.”

Great Whites may reach 20 feet in length, weigh over 2 tons, and have up to 300 rows of razor-sharp, serrated teeth, which prevent its victims from fleeing much.

Shark attacks off the coast of South Africa have claimed the lives of 37 swimmers and surfers during the last 25 years, including 10 casualties in the previous ten years.

»Dolphins hunt shark from South African bay where swimmer died«

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