Court rejects portion of Kevin Spacey’s sexual misconduct case

Court rejects portion of Kevin Spacey’s sexual misconduct case

A court rejected a portion of Kevin Spacey’s sexual misconduct case.

Before the “House of Cards” actor spoke in court, US District Judge Lewis Kaplan rejected an allegation of purposely causing mental distress to Anthony Rapp, who had accused Spacey of assaulting him at a party in 1986 when Rapp was just 14 years old and Spacey was more than a decade older.

Rapp’s attorneys supplied the court with proof, but he wasn’t persuaded and allowed his battery claims to go through.

On Monday, Spacey refuted the allegations, saying: “They are untrue. I had to keep everything about what was occurring in that home to myself.

“We never, ever discussed it. I have never before spoken these matters in public.

After a court dropped a criminal sexual assault prosecution against Spacey in 2020, Rapp launched a civil lawsuit against him. He is suing for damages for his mental and emotional anguish, medical costs, and lost wages.

Rapp, who is now 50, was questioned about his own testimony and whether or not he had lied about his charges.

I have not, he retorted. Something that occurred to me at the time was not right.

Spacey’s attorney said earlier this month that Rapp invented the accusations “for attention, for pity, and to increase his own profile” because he was envious of the fame the “American Beauty” actor was enjoying while his own acting career was failing.

One of the fundamental tenets of the so-called MeToo movement, according to Jennifer Keller, is that the victim must be believed. As Mr. Spacey said, “This didn’t happen, I don’t recall it,” you’ll see.

He should apologize, they advised. Mr. Rapp skillfully put everything up. He has been embellishing this tale to boost his own stature.

“He never achieved the kind of global fame that Kevin Spacey attained. Resentment has been seething within of him. After 30 years, it’s difficult to justify this.

“Mr. Rapp became bitter as Mr. Spacey’s fame increased. The musical “Rent” was the pinnacle of his career. He hit his pinnacle in 2000 and then became angry. He then came out as a homosexual actor. I’m not sure he would have been a good leading guy in any case.

In court papers, Rapp said that Spacey hoisted him at a party in Manhattan and “grazed” his buttocks in the process.

Then, according to him, the actor “briefly positioned his own clothed body half alongside and partially over” his before setting him back down on a bed.

There was “no kissing, no undressing, no reaching beneath garments, and no sexualized words or insinuation,” he said, and the entire occurrence lasted no more than two minutes.

Although he claimed he did not remember the encounter, Spacey earlier gave the “Star Trek: Discovery” actor his “sincerest apologies” for any “very unacceptable intoxicated behavior.”

In the UK, he was accused of sexually abusing three men between March 2005 and April 2013, while in Massachusetts, sexual assault and indecent assault charges against him were dismissed in 2019. He earlier entered a not guilty plea to the allegations.

»Court rejects portion of Kevin Spacey’s sexual misconduct case«

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