California mom calls awakened school board “groomers and pimps”

California mom calls awakened school board “groomers and pimps”

After making a statement at a school board meeting in which she referred to the members as “groomers and pimps” for supporting a family-friendly “gay Halloween party,” a parent from California gained notoriety.

After confronting the school board in person, activist Brittany Mayer, also known as Rooted Wings on Twitter, where she has more than 16,000 followers, uploaded her address to the Encinitas Union School District on the social networking site.

Mayer criticized the event, saying, “You, a tiny school district board of grownups made the choice to highlight an event to hypersexualize your children when we have a society with a tremendous issue with child porn and child sex trafficking.”

She jokingly said that by approving the Boo Bash event, which would have drag performers costumed as Disney villains in addition to activities and trick-or-treating, the board “was caught with your glittery underpants down.”

The event is not being sponsored by the school or the school board, despite the invitation being given out by the board of education.

Several of the event’s sponsors, such as Rich’s Gay Bay and Align Surgical Associates, which provides treatment that is gender affirming, drew Mayer’s ire as well.

Similar to Mayer, parents all around the nation have expressed concern about school activities they believe are improper for kids and are seeking to reclaim control of their children’s education from enlightened school boards.

“You all crossed the line and need to feel guilty.” Because the inevitable result of “let’s unify and include” is abominable wickedness, there is nothing loving about it. There are no restrictions, and you can’t just label anything as “family friendly” to get away with it,’ Mayer said, to the cheers of other parents.

To learn more about the incident and how it relates to the school board, the parents in Encinitas have engaged a legal firm to make a public documents request.

One of the parents’ lawyers, Paul Jonna, said that “the sponsors of this event are my main worry.” He added that “many people are simply generally not comfortable with the concept of pushing drag queen acts on tiny kids.”

Trans Family Support Services, a San Diego-based organization that assists families with transgender people, planned the event.

The event was advertised online as a center for neighborhood activities and events, according to the school system, and its placement on a school website did not indicate an endorsement.

The event will still go forward, according to the event’s organizer, Kathie Moehlig.

In order to help these youngsters and their families, Moehlig remarked, “We’re not going to back down just because some individuals believe they can use it as their major piece to garner talking points and get attention.”

Mothers like Mayer and Carrie Prejean Boller, a conservative activist and former Miss California USA who had two kids with ex-NFL quarterback Kyle Boller, are waging a resistance against this trend.

In 2021, Prejean Boller challenged the school board over its mask requirement and withdrew her children from the system.

We have a very clear message. Prejean Boller told 10news, “We don’t want drag performances, we don’t want strip shows, and we certainly don’t want invitations given out to the parents and kids in our area.”

The former pageant winner gained notoriety earlier this year when she bribed kids and the elderly to remove their masks in a mall. She claims that her views on same-sex marriage led to the removal of her title in 2009 and that this is why.

Boller demands an apology as well as the dismissal of the person who authorized the flyer and disseminated it to the students.

There is at least one local lawmaker that backs Moehlig. Terra Lawson-Remer, a supervisor for San Diego County, referred to Mayer and Boller’s parents as prejudiced.

She joked that the board 'got caught with your sparkly panties down' in allowing the event, which is called Boo Bash and will star drag performers dressed as Disney Villains in addition to games and trick-or-treating. The school board sent out an invite to the event

“The parents in my hometown school system (Encinitas Union), who are opposing the Halloween Drag Show, need to feel embarrassed for indoctrinating the rest of us with hatred and prejudice. BIGOTRY LIKE THIS HAS NO PLACE IN OUR COMMUNITY. She tweeted, “Trans kids: I see you, I love you, and you ARE welcome here.

Lawson-Remer went on to say that she would be bringing her 3-year-old to the occasion, to which Mayer responded.

Parents in Encinitas are appalled by a sellout school board’s invitation of families and children to a hypersexualized drag performance supported by a San Francisco gender surgery center and a San Diego nightclub for over-21s. MAYER said, “THIS KIND OF GROOMING HAS NO PLACE IN OUR COMMUNITY.

The occasion is slated on October 29.

»California mom calls awakened school board “groomers and pimps”«

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