Biden rejects aging concerns and claims he can beat Trump

Biden rejects aging concerns and claims he can beat Trump

In a wide-ranging interview on Tuesday night, Joe Biden, who hasn’t yet committed to running for reelection in 2024, said that he could defeat Donald Trump “again” in a rematch and disregarded age-related objections.

The 79-year-old president said that by doing more than any other president in recent memory, people shouldn’t worry about his age.

In a CNN interview that aired Tuesday night, Biden, who turns 30 next month, said to Jake Tapper, “Look what I’ve accomplished.”

“Name me a president in the last two years who has accomplished as much as I have,” he said. Not joking,” he said. You may not like what I accomplished, but the great majority of Americans are happy with it.

He explicitly cited the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act as his most recent legislative success.

This week’s polling reveals that a significant number of Americans, including 52% of Democrats questioned, are worried about Biden’s mental health.

The amount of worry increased overall by 5% between before and after Biden’s most recent and now-famous “Where’s Jackie” incident, in which he disparaged efforts to find a congresswoman who had died away in a vehicle wreck with two staff members a month before.

Without pledging to running for president again, Biden suggested in the interview on Tuesday night that he could defeat Trump, 76, if the two elder statesmen met again in 2024. He said that after the 2022 midterm elections, he would begin considering whether to run.

‘When you’re going to formally declare whether or not you’re going to seek for reelection in 2024. Do you anticipate making a choice before the year is out? Tapper made a pose for Biden.

The president said, “I’m not going to make this about my choice,” stating that November 8’s midterm elections are his main concern.

‘I’m going to make this about this off-year election. After that’s done in November, then I’m going to be in the process of choosing,’ he added.

‘Is one of the calculations that you believe you’re the only one who can defeat Donald Trump?’

Biden snapped back: ‘I think I can defeat Donald Trump again.’

Trump and Biden have not declared their candidacy for president in 2024. Both are likely prevented from doing so by complex political funding regulations.

Watch me, Biden said in response to questions about his age, mental capacity, and physical fitness for office during a 60 Minutes interview last month.

In addition to surveys indicating that people are worried about the president’s frequent mistakes, another revealed that almost two-thirds of Democrats prefer a new choice for president in 2024, citing his age as a significant deciding factor.

»Biden rejects aging concerns and claims he can beat Trump«

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