Meghan Markle should build  global brand without complaints

Meghan Markle should build global brand without complaints

If Meghan Markle wants to succeed globally in business, she must create her own brand that isn’t only based on her complaints, according to a royal expert.

Prince Harry, 38, will ‘always remain royal’ as the son of King Charles and Princess Diana, according to former Vanity Fair editor Tina Brown, when asked how long the Sussex brand might endure throughout the globe given that the pair is somewhat outside the royal fold.

He will always have the legendary significance that that has, she said yesterday at the Cheltenham Literature Festival. People can identify to him because he has an identity and a real Invictus [Games] experience.

But she emphasized that Meghan, 41, Harry’s bride, needed to identify and concentrate on her own cause.

“I think Meghan does really need to find the thing she cares about the most and develop her own sort of brand,” she said. “I don’t just mean a grievance brand; I mean something we actually recognize as being hers.”

It’s difficult to discover that, and I believe she hasn’t yet, but if she steps back from always concentrating on what didn’t work, I believe she might.

The Sussexes hadn’t foreseen the difficulties of living outside the palace system, said to Brown, who was speaking to promote her most recent book, The Palace Papers.

The Sussexes were unaware of the challenges involved in developing a competing platform. In essence, you’re at the mercy of public relations professionals who [specialize in making individuals appear good].

“The folks that did it, the Oprahs and the George Clooneys, are extremely excellent at it.”

“When you want to be above it, it’s incredibly tough.” It’s more difficult than it seems.

The Mail’s Richard Eden first reported earlier this month that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had parted ways with Sunshine Sachs, the New York-based PR firm that has advised Meghan since her days as an actor on the courtroom drama Suits.

A number of significant projects for the couple are in the works, including Harry’s upcoming tell-all book and a reality television documentary as part of a $100 million contract with Netflix.

Brown told the Cheltenham audience that ‘the verdict is out’ in the USA about Harry and Meghan’s popularity.

Given that they now depend on their products and entertainment for a living, it will be about what they do.

“Meghan’s debut Serena Williams-related Spotify podcast was a huge hit, dethroning Joe Rogan as the #1 podcaster in America.

She has a terrific voice for podcasting. In the entertainment arena of the gladiators, they must now demonstrate their mettle.

Brown continued, calling Harry’s book “a horrible mistake,” but said that he was under enormous pressure to release it.

I wouldn’t be shocked if he thinks it was a mistake, but the vehicle has continued to move. It goes beyond the progress.

The publisher has a great deal at risk. I believe that to be a major issue for them. I currently have a lot of sympathy for him.

If he doesn’t write the book, I believe his company will be in a big mess, and if he does, his relationship with his family will be severely strained.

No one wants to be estranged from their family, no matter how awful circumstances are.

»Meghan Markle should build global brand without complaints«

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