Authorities prepare to limit effects of tropical cyclone Shaheen: NCEMA

Authorities prepare to limit effects of tropical cyclone Shaheen: NCEMA

Authorities prepare to limit effects of tropical cyclone Shaheen: NCEMA

ABU DHABI, 3rd October, 2021 – Dr.

Taher Al Ameri, Spokesman of the National Crisis and Emergency Management Authority (NCEMA), stressed that all authorities are fully prepared and undertaking all possible precautionary and preventive measures to mitigate the effects of tropical cyclone Shaheen.

During NCEMA’s media briefing on the cyclone, Al Ameri assured the public that all local teams have prepared the necessary procedures to protect residents in potentially affected areas, adding that occupational health and safety guarantees will be provided to all workers, such as ensuring the safety of buses used to transport them to and from work sites, in coordination with relevant authorities.

Al Ameri thanked the public for responding positively to yesterday’s media briefing and highlighted the importance of social responsibility to supporting the national efforts of all authorities.

“The National Center of Meteorology (NCM), in coordination with partners and relevant authorities, is monitoring the latest developments of the cyclone and studying its potential impact on the country.

As announced yesterday, the latest developments in the Arabian Sea indicate it has turned into a first-class cyclone,” Al Ameri said.

The NCEMA Team Level Two, which is tasked with handling natural disasters, is continuing to monitor the readiness of all teams and ensuring all proactive measures are taken to maintain the safety of the public, he added, noting all emergency, crisis and local disaster teams have assessed the impact of Shaheen on various regions and announced relevant measures to mitigate its effects.

Al Ameri also pointed out that the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure established field teams responsible for immediately addressing the damage caused by the cyclone, and emergency response plans have been activated related to cleaning valleys and rain storm drains.

“We call on the public to follow developments from official sources and adhere to precautionary measures for their safety and the safety of their loved ones.

As a matter of social responsibility, we note the significance of reporting any rainfall accumulation or damage caused by the cyclone, so concerned authorities can take the necessary action,” he affirmed.

“Regarding Emirati citizens in Oman, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has communicated with them and provided all necessary information, and it was confirmed that those wishing to return to the country must undergo COVID-19 tests,” he added.

Brigadier Ali Al Tunaiji, Official Spokesman of the Ministry of Interior, highlighted the main procedures undertaken by police forces, stressing that all police commands, under the oversight of the Ministry of Interior, are cooperating closely.

He added that the Ministry of Interior (MoI), with its various security sectors, has taken all necessary measures and precautions, in accordance with the approved plans, to address tropical Cyclone Shaheen, which is expected to affect some regions of the country, especially along the eastern coast and the south.

“The degree of preparedness of all police forces has been raised to ensure the safety of the public and reduce the cyclone’s impact on various regions.

The ministry, represented by its various sectors, has taken appropriate preventive measures, such as conducting security patrols in locations near beaches and valleys where torrential rains are expected,” he noted.

The MoI called on the public to cooperate with police units, abide by warnings for their own safety, and monitor all news and warnings from official sources.

At the end of the briefing, Majid Al Shakeely, Official Spokesman of the NCM, highlighted the latest developments of the tropical cyclone.

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»Authorities prepare to limit effects of tropical cyclone Shaheen: NCEMA«

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