28 environmental fanatics are arrested for glue-blocking Westminster Road

28 environmental fanatics are arrested for glue-blocking Westminster Road

In Westminster, eco-terrorists stopped and fastened themselves to roadways before being dragged away by police as part of a fifth day of protests, leading to the arrest of 28 persons by the police.

During the action on Wednesday afternoon, Just Stop Oil demonstrators blocked the route leading to Lambeth Bridge and another near to Parliament.

According to the Metropolitan Police, 28 persons were detained for purposefully blocking a roadway while a demonstration was taking place.

Greenpeace protestors at the Conservative Party convention in Birmingham disrupted Liz Truss’ address moments before the protest by criticizing her support for fracking.

According to Just Stop Oil, our dependence on fossil fuels is driving homes into fuel poverty. The organization asks that the government immediately suspend all oil and gas exploration, development, and production in the UK.

With regard to the current fuel issue, they criticized Liz Truss for having “no proposal” that “does not imply further hardship for the most disadvantaged and tax giveaways for the wealthiest.”

She also blasted a “coalition against growth” made up of left-wing parties, Scottish nationalists, “militant” trade unions, Brexit skeptics, and environmental protesters during her keynote address.

Liz Truss said in her speech to her party that she would “not let the anti-growth coalition hold us back.”

She referred to Extinction Rebellion, Labour, the Lib Dems, the SNP, militant unions, entrenched interests posing as think tanks, talking heads, Brexit naysayers, and some of the attendees from earlier in the meeting.

The truth is that they would rather protest than act. They would rather converse on Twitter than make difficult choices.

They take a cab from townhouses in north London to the BBC studio to evict anybody who questions the established quo.

They promote the same old solutions whether they are broadcast or podcast.

“It’s always more taxes, more rules, more interfering,” the saying goes.

According to a Just Stop Oil spokeswoman, protesters could not “stand by” while “daily living” for millions of people became expensive.

They said, “Those making trouble on the bridges and in the streets around Westminster have decided to no longer remain silent in the face of a destructive administration.

Millions of people are now unable to purchase their basic needs, desperate employees are on strike, and the truth that we are now experiencing a major extinction catastrophe is being disregarded.

“We have no other option, and it seems that the legal system is recognizing that our activities are appropriate; magistrates are clearing offenders, judges are levying small fines, and juries are convicting those engaging in nonviolent civil disobedience.

When will the government act morally? We need a pro-life government; we do not require a stale, pro-growth one.

Jessica Upton, a 53-year-old Oxford lady who participated in the demonstration today, said: “I wouldn’t be doing my job properly as a foster caregiver, veterinarian, and mother if I wasn’t doing all in my power to maintain an inhabitable earth for everyone.”

Fighting climate change is the best form of prevention.

If sitting in the middle of a road and receiving yells from passing cars is what it takes to catch their attention because our government isn’t doing enough to solve the expense of living and climate issue, I’ll keep doing it.

The first easy action our government has to take to start safeguarding its citizens is to stop new fossil fuel projects.

Mya Bain, a 35-year-old animator and scientific communicator from Derbyshire and another protester near Lambeth Bridge, added: “Ordinary people are going to suffer and die from the cost of living crisis and climate collapse.”

Nevertheless, our criminal government is doing all it can to further the interests of the fossil fuel business, rather than promoting the switch to affordable, clean renewable energy.

“I can’t watch helplessly while these avaricious liars in authority cause millions of people to suffer just so that the wealthy may grow wealthier.

The government is intentionally causing climate change, which results in millions of people dying from famine, thirst, and violence in addition to harsh weather.

Because of their misguided beliefs in economic growth and trickle-down economics, they are cutting public services, giving tax breaks to the wealthy, approving more fossil fuel ventures, and tearing up environmental protections.

“To stop this government’s terrible plot, everyone must be in opposition.”

»28 environmental fanatics are arrested for glue-blocking Westminster Road«

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