Whoopi Goldberg Shares Personal Journey with Mounjaro Amidst Panelist Disagreements on Weight Loss Transparency on The View in New York

In a heated exchange on Wednesday’s episode of The View, the panelists clashed over whether it’s appropriate to inquire about someone using weight loss medication.

Whoopi Goldberg, who earlier this year admitted to using Mounjaro, argued that not everyone feels comfortable disclosing such personal details about their weight loss journey.

On the other hand, Sara Haines insisted that public figures should be transparent about these matters.

Sara emphasized her belief that public figures, who often share much of their lives publicly, owe it to their audience to be honest about their methods of weight management.

She argued that withholding such information could mislead others who look up to them for advice and inspiration.

Joy Behar questioned the necessity of divulging personal health choices so publicly, prompting further debate about the line between privacy and public disclosure.

Sunny Hostin joined in, highlighting the expectation for public figures not to omit details that could mislead their followers, drawing a parallel to other medical treatments that are openly discussed.

Whoopi’s Personal Experience

Reflecting on her own weight loss journey, Whoopi candidly shared her experience with Mounjaro, explaining how it became a crucial part of her health regimen after struggling with weight gain.

She emphasized the challenges of maintaining privacy while navigating public scrutiny.

Sara’s Personal Insights

Sara added her perspective on sharing personal health information, particularly regarding anxiety treatments, stressing the importance of discretion and personal choice in what to disclose publicly.

Oprah’s Influence and Public Reaction

The discussion was influenced by Oprah Winfrey’s recent advocacy for weight loss treatments, sparking a broader conversation about societal attitudes towards obesity and the stigma attached to it.


The episode of The View underscored the complexities of discussing personal health choices in the public eye, highlighting differing viewpoints on transparency and privacy among public figures.

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