Trump defends Herschel Walker

Trump defends Herschel Walker

After a shocking investigation revealed that Herschel Walker had paid his ex-girlfriend for an abortion, former President Donald Trump defended the Georgia Senate contender.

Trump said in a statement that “the Fake News Media and clearly the Democrats are slandering and maligning Herschel Walker.” It’s interesting because I’ve heard some very bad things about Raphael Warnock, his opponent, that we don’t speak about. Herschel has correctly refuted the allegations against him, and I am certain that he is right.

According to an article published by The Daily Beast on Monday night, Walker gave the lady he was seeing at the time $700 to pay for an abortion procedure and a get well card in 2009.

The anonymous lady is said to have sent the Daily Beast a bank deposit receipt for Walker’s payment as well as a receipt for the $575 surgery.

The New York Times questioned Donald Trump directly in 2016 about whether he had ever been “connected” with a woman who had an abortion.

Such an intriguing inquiry, Trump said. What’s your next inquiry, then?

According to reports, Walker’s ex-girlfriend stated he informed her it was “not the proper time” for him to have a kid and that it would be more convenient if she miscarried.

Walker openly advocates for a complete ban on abortion, with no exceptions for rape or incest.

Walker referred to the alleged abortion card as a “flat out falsehood” and vehemently disputed it.

“I can’t take this much longer.” In a tweet, Walker said, “I [sic] planned to sue the Daily Beast for this defamatory falsehood.”

In the meanwhile, following the abortion card report, Walker’s only heir slandered his father for saying “lie after lie after lie” on Tuesday morning.

Christian Walker, 22, also slammed both Republicans and Democrats, telling them obstinately: “You know nothing about my life,” for making assumptions about his connection with his father.

Despite several instances of Republican principles being violated, he called out right-wing support for his father and told Walker, “Don’t lie on the lives you’ve wrecked and pretend like you’re some virtuous family guy,” before saying, “Y’all should worry about that, conservatives.”

Christian said in two videos shared on Twitter the morning after the story of Walker’s payment for an abortion came to light that he had “stayed quiet” while Walker and his supporters “downplayed” “atrocities” against his mother, Walker’s ex-wife.

Christian has established himself as a vocal conservative on social media. His father’s announcement that he will run against Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock in November significantly increased his prominence.

Christian, however, accused his father of being a hypocrite and a negligent father when the Daily Beast revealed that Walker paid for his girlfriend to have her pregnancy terminated and sent her a “get well” card afterward. The ex-NFL player has angrily rejected the claims.

I remained mute while the crimes against my mother were minimized. When it was revealed that my father, Herschel Walker, had several erroneous children around the nation—none of whom he raised—I remained quiet. And as you may know, the topic of father absence is one of my favorites. Walker remarked in the first of two brief films, “Surprise, because it touched me.

“Family values, you know? He was not at home to raise one of his four children, who were born to four separate mothers.

It follows the shocking revelation from Monday night that reported evidence included a $700 check signed by Walker, a note in which he allegedly advised his then-girlfriend to “feel better” after the surgery, and confirmation from the woman’s friend that she took care of her after the abortion.

Walker referred to the article as “a clear out falsehood” and pledged to file a lawsuit in response.

On Tuesday, Christian responded to his denial, saying, “I was quiet lie after lie after lie.” Yesterday, the abortion card was released. The writing on the card is really his handwriting. They claim to have receipts or whatever. He posts a falsehood about it on Twitter. Okay, I’m through.

He said that Walker’s friends could be putting pressure on him for criticizing his father.

When you guys have been phoning me and asking, “Is this real about your dad?,” Is it fair to accuse me of being suspicious for stating, “Hey, I’m done with the lies?” You said, “Gosh, we’re not going to win Georgia.” You have no clue the struggles I’ve had in life,’ Christian yelled.

He said that Walker’s campaign might have been over “on day one” if his mother and he had known what they did.

In addition, the social media celebrity made it clear that he had only participated in one campaign event with his father, who had promised to move beyond his past and take responsibility for his actions.

Nothing like that occurred. He said, “Everything has been a lie.”

Christian said in his second video that Republicans had purposefully supported Walker despite his repeated “lies.”

Don’t you dare, Christian commanded. “All of this has been a lie and you’ve known it, you’ve known.”

The 22-year-old said, “And then to the left, who says, “Well, he did all this to your mom and you were still with him,” referring to Democrats. You know, that’s strange. You are ignorant of my life.

Christian’s mother, Walker’s ex-wife, has also accused the pro-life activist of abuse.

He has also been charged of embellishing his academic accomplishments and business owning achievements.

I LOVE my kid no matter what, Walker wrote on Monday night in reaction to the start of his son’s outburst.

After the 22-year-old accused his father on social media of endangering him and his mother’s life, the incident occurred.

Christian commented, “I know my mom and I would really appreciate it if my father Herschel Walker quit lying and making fun of us.”

Walker Grossman’s ex-wife Cindy DeAngelis Grossman, who has said that Walker strangled her, put a pistol to her head, and threatened to “blow my brains out,” is the mother of Christian. From 1983 through 2002, the couple was married.

Christian said, “You’re not a ‘family guy’ when you abandoned us to beat up a number of ladies, threatened to murder us, and forced us to move over six times in six months to escape your aggression.

Following Christian’s scathing tirade, Walker tweeted: “I LOVE my kid no matter what.”

With only a month before the midterm elections, the bombshell Daily Beast expose arrives at a crucial moment.

Walker and Warnock, a pastor who oversees the church where Martin Luther King Jr. formerly served as pastor, are tied for first place.

Warnock, who was chosen in a special election in January 2021, is seeking re-election this year for a full six-year term.

The pastor-turned-senator has also been accused of domestic violence.

In March 2020, his ex-wife Ouleye Warnock claimed he had driven over her foot with his automobile. For the sake of her children and his reputation, she said she had taken care to be “extremely quiet about the way that he is” in relation to his U.S. Senate campaign.

She continued, “I’ve tried to hide the way he behaved for a long time, but today he crossed the line. That is the situation here, then. He also makes a fantastic actor. He excels at putting on a fantastic performance.

Warnock admitted to the police that his wife had fabricated the incident and that he had not actually crushed her foot. He was never put on trial for a crime.

»Trump defends Herschel Walker«

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