Sunshine Coast eastern brown snake wraps up on a sanitary trash

Sunshine Coast eastern brown snake wraps up on a sanitary trash

A beachgoer who answered the call of nature by using a restroom had a shocking surprise when they discovered the second-most deadly land snake in the world inside a stall.

At the Alexandra Headland Surf Club facility on the Sunshine Coast, a picture of an eastern brown snake curled up on top of a garbage can near to a bathroom was taken.

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 published the ominous image online on Tuesday, warning that snakes were emerging from hiding places owing to the rainy weather in eastern Australia.

Imagine sitting down in the public restroom to take care of business and seeing a brown snake on the trash can next to you! As stated in the post by the snake catchers.

They said that the recent rainy weather had forced the animals “on the move” to hunt for refuge elsewhere after driving the snakes out of their natural homes.

Snakes have been seen at the beach, in residences, and in flower beds, according to social media images of the critters.

The eastern brown snake, commonly known as the common brown snake, may be found in areas of the nation that are densely inhabited.

It is widespread throughout eastern Australia and most often seen in the spring.

Numerous people commented on the social media post about the find in the beach restroom.

One commentator stated, “That would pay you to look when you walk into [a public restroom].”

Another person said, “Would have been uncomfortable if [the beachgoer] had already sat down and couldn’t move.”

“And there it was, my constipation was gone!” Another person made fun of the image.

One more said, “No surprise I dislike public restrooms.”

The snake that was in the bathroom was moved.

»Sunshine Coast eastern brown snake wraps up on a sanitary trash«

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