Slik Talk blasts Priddy Ugly for losing to Cassper Nyovest

Slik Talk blasts Priddy Ugly for losing to Cassper Nyovest

Slik Talk took to YouTube to weigh in on the recent fight between Priddy Ugly and Cassper Nyovest.

The celebrity boxing match took place at Sun City over the weekend. Mufasa knocked out Priddy Ugly in the first two minutes, leaving fans disappointed that Priddy Ugly did not deliver and the match ended so quickly.

Silk Talk, who doesn’t mince words, took to YouTube to express himself, labeling the flight “pathetic” and a “battle of the trash music.”

He also revealed that Priddy Ugly talked down to him after he lost to Nyovest in the “fame versus clout” match in December 2021.

“Oh what a twisted web we weave when initially we train to deceive,” he wrote on YouTube after seeing Cassper Nyovest and Priddy Ugly square off in a boxing battle.


“That was pitiful. This was a war of trash music, between Cassper Nyovest and Priddy Ugly, to see whose music was the most rubbish.”

Slik Talk called Priddy Ugly’s music “as awful as his boxing skills.”

“Priddy Ugly, your boxing prowess is on par with your music, my n****.” That fight was completely pitiful.

“You couldn’t  survived the first round. I believed it would be simple. You attended my first battle, where you were present and chatting about how I could have done this or that.

“My bro You were knocked out with the first punch. That’s what happened when you took the first punch to the a** my n****. You were humiliated in front of your wife.”

He claimed that Piddy Ugly’s music is worse than Nyovest’s, and that no one listens to either since they are both “crap.”

“Nobody pays attention to any of you. This simply confirms it. Nobody wanted to see this battle, and no one cared about it. Priddy You just embarrassed yourself for nothing, ugly.

“I had advanced past the first round and was ready to enter the second round when the referee stopped me.” I made it past the second round and desired a third.

“The first punch knocked you down; that’s how you know it’s not going to be easy; it’s never been easy.” I pushed through like a man and never got knocked down; I ate those punches. You were destroyed in one round, which lasted two minutes. Take that L (loss) and go.”

He concluded by claiming that the battle was a “testicle festival” that no one cared about.

“I think moving forward we are done with all the celebrity stuff because right now there is no reason, there is no build-up to the fight, no one wants to see the fight, this was just like a c**kfest,”

Watch the video here.

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»Slik Talk blasts Priddy Ugly for losing to Cassper Nyovest«

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