Sir Bradley Wiggins’ Financial Collapse: Britain’s Cycling Hero Faces Homelessness After Losing Nearly Everything

The news of Sir Bradley Wiggins, one of Britain’s greatest Olympians, being declared bankrupt and facing homelessness has shocked many.

The cycling legend, known for his numerous Olympic medals and his historic Tour de France victory, has seen his financial world unravel dramatically.

Efforts to contact Wiggins revealed a distressing situation, as his former homes have been repossessed, and he is now left without a permanent address.

Homelessness and Legal Representation

Attempts to reach Sir Bradley at his previously listed addresses in Lancashire were unsuccessful, leading to contact with his lawyer, Alan Sellers. Sellers disclosed that Wiggins’ £975,000 barn home had been repossessed and sold.

His other residence, a semi-detached house in Lytham St Annes, was owned by his ex-wife, Cath, who had allowed him to stay temporarily.

Sellers revealed, “In reality, Brad is sofa-surfing. He stays with friends and family. He doesn’t have an address.” This statement highlighted the severity of Wiggins’ current predicament.

Financial Ruin of a National Hero

The extent of Wiggins’ financial ruin is startling. Sellers explained, “He has lost absolutely everything. His family home, his home in Majorca, his savings and investments. He doesn’t have a penny.

It’s a very sad state of affairs.” This dire situation is a far cry from the glory days when Wiggins was celebrated as a national hero.

His achievements in the 2012 Olympics, where he won gold, and his historic Tour de France victory, had elevated him to iconic status.

The Impact of Fame and Fortune

Despite his public success, Wiggins’ personal and financial life took a steep downward turn. His career earnings, which peaked at an estimated £13 million in 2017, have been completely depleted.

A bankruptcy hearing in Fleetwood, Lancashire, on June 3 revealed debts approaching £1 million. Creditors include HM Revenue and Customs, owed £313,447, and a former rider from Team Wiggins, owed £583.

This financial collapse has forced Wiggins to contemplate selling his Olympic medals and other prized possessions.

A Life of Achievements and Challenges

Wiggins’ journey from an acclaimed athlete to his current plight is marked by numerous personal and professional challenges. After retiring from professional cycling in 2016, Wiggins struggled to find a new direction, dabbling in various ventures from TV punditry to mooted careers in boxing and rowing.

His life took a further hit with the end of his 16-year marriage in 2020 and subsequent relationship difficulties.

Financial Mismanagement and Betrayal

The root causes of Wiggins’ financial collapse appear to be deeply embedded in mismanagement and betrayal by trusted advisers.

Sellers pointed out that Wiggins is not alone in facing such a downfall, citing other sports icons who have suffered similarly. Wiggins had invested heavily in various schemes that failed, often losing money to advisers’ fees.

Sellers indicated that Wiggins hopes to recover some of his lost fortune through legal action against those responsible for his financial mismanagement.

The Emotional Toll

The emotional toll on Wiggins is significant. His lawyer mentioned that Wiggins feels “embarrassed” about his situation.

This feeling of shame is compounded by the public nature of his downfall. Despite this, Sellers reassured Wiggins that his achievements remain untarnished and that public support for him endures.

Legacy and Future Prospects

Wiggins’ legacy as one of Britain’s most celebrated athletes remains intact, but his current circumstances are a stark reminder of the vulnerability that can accompany fame and fortune.

His financial collapse serves as a cautionary tale for other athletes and public figures. Efforts are underway to resolve his financial issues, with appearances and engagements continuing to draw public interest and support.


Sir Bradley Wiggins’ story is a poignant reminder of the highs and lows that can accompany a life of public acclaim. From his triumphs on the world stage to his current struggles with homelessness and financial ruin, Wiggins’ journey reflects both the glory and the challenges of a career in professional sports.

The nation watches with hope that Wiggins can overcome his current adversities and rebuild his life with the same determination that once propelled him to the pinnacle of cycling success,

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