Shylah Rodden’s friend gives a terrible update

Shylah Rodden’s friend gives a terrible update

Shylah Rodden, who was wounded on a rollercoaster, was reportedly dealing with the loss of her brother at the time of her accident at the Royal Melbourne Show, according to a friend of hers.

Ggypo Nawar asked Australians to pray for the 26-year-old on Facebook on Wednesday after she was hit by the ride while attempting to rescue her phone from beneath the tracks on September 25. The woman is still in a medically induced coma.

Ms. Rodden is in a critical state at Royal Melbourne Hospital after suffering severe brain injury.

Just hours after Daily Mail Australia reported it was just $500, a fundraising started to aid Shylah Rodden has grown to more than $5,000. It now amounts to more than $10,000.

One of my closest friends, Shylah Rodden, has a heart of gold, stated Mr. Nawar.

She has always supported me and is supportive of everyone, not just her pals.

I am not aware of her current condition, but I kindly request that everybody who reads this say a little prayer for her and her family, even if it is just “please god help them recover.”

Mr. Nawar said that Ms. Rodden’s family was still having trouble dealing with the death of her brother Jason, who passed away in late July before another tragic event.

He remarked, “[They] were all still in mourning; I’ve witnessed the grief this caused Shylah.”

Please remember that God is receptive to prayer. Please offer prayers for my buddy, your friend, that she may heal quickly and easily.

“Shylah would constantly leave herself behind to assist others and would strive to cheer up anybody who was down.”

Numerous friends vowed to keep the young lady in their thoughts in the scores of responses to the post.

I’m praying for you, sweet daughter. I really hope and pray that you persevere,” one lady commented.

I send you and your family my love and strength on a regular basis.

The finest, I hope, said another. I’m here for you, Gypo, and I’ll continue to pray for her. Shylah, you’ve got this!

The severity of Ms. Rodden’s health has been lowered from critical to severe as a result of certain improvements.

Since everyone began saying their prayers, Shylah has gotten better every day, he claimed.

Ms. Rodden was working at a friend’s booth at the exhibition on the day she was hit when the two decided to take a few rides during their break.

It’s thought that while riding the roller coaster, she dropped her phone.

Investigators think she went onto the fast ride’s rails to get the object.

Late in July, Ms. Rodden shared on Instagram how her brother’s passing caused her “everything to come crumbling down.”

He wasn’t simply her older brother; she also described him as her greatest friend, her whole world, and the role model she sought to aspire to.

He showed me the difference between good and bad, and he was never hesitant to express his true feelings. He taught me so much about life. I keep expecting a call from you, so it doesn’t seem genuine.

I hope you’re smiling down on me and are pleased of how far I’ve gone. We have so many wonderful moments together that I will treasure forever.

Rest easy, Jason; you are gone but never forgotten.

Ms. Rodden had already suffered catastrophic injuries in a vehicle accident that occurred barely 18 months prior to the rollercoaster event, thus the accident at the exhibition was not her first.

She crashed with a truck and a car in Melbourne in January 2021, flipping her vehicle on the Western Ring Road as a result, and was thrown into the road since she was not buckled up.

She needed extensive rehabilitation, which included having to relearn how to walk.

Her challenging road to rehabilitation began in 2019, after yet another tragic auto accident.

As they wait for the full extent of her injuries to become apparent, her family is preparing for the potential that she may never be able to talk again.

The GoFundMe set up by a friend to help pay for Ms. Rodden’s medical treatment, counseling, and rehabilitation has so far received $10,148 of its $20,000 target.

Tuesday, a Royal Melbourne Hospital representative stated that Shylah’s status has changed from critical to severe.

But she has little to no chance of ever leading a regular life again.

Shylah’s lengthy road to recovery will be aided by the funds gathered from the fundraising, a friend in frequent touch with Shylah and her family told Daily Mail Australia.

“People think that this money is just for her family,” she said. The buddy responded, “But people need to know that this money is for Shylah’s recuperation.

This money will be used for her treatment, rehabilitation, and any home improvements required for toilet and shower requirements.

Her family, who have remained at a bedside vigil for weeks after the catastrophe, has been stunned by the response of “keyboard warriors” to Shylah’s misfortune.

The buddy stated, “People are already posting terrible comments, and I just want to make sure the genuine and correct motive for this fundraising is out there.”

Sylvia Dess, a friend of Shylah’s, started the campaign days after the incident, but it went mostly unnoticed until recently.

The buddy countered, “It’s not a setback, Channel 7 stated they had a setback since it hadn’t raised much money.”

“Every gift will assist, the expense of improving Shylah’s family’s living circumstances, her rehabilitation, her treatment – it’s all the things they need,” the campaign’s website states. This charity event isn’t just for fun.

The pal spoke to Daily Mail Australia on condition of anonymity. Shylah could need ongoing care for the rest of her life.

She said, “It’s to support her and her family who would need to care for her 24/7.”

According to Daily Mail Australia, After a turbulent few years during which she battled drug misuse, Shylah had made a complete 180 degree turn in her life.

She has been in recovery for close to a year, thus Shylah is not a drug addict, according to her pal.

However, a lot of attention is being paid to a prior automobile accident in which she wasn’t even the driver. She had problems five years ago. Yes, people do change.

The vicious criticism of Shylah’s tragedy has added salt to the wounds of her devastated family, who have worked tirelessly for years to support Shylah through her struggles.

Her companion described the trolls as “really terrible.” It seems as if people are idle.

WorkSafe is reportedly looking into what the ride’s operators were doing when Shylah got onto the rails right now.

The family of Shylah has expressed thanks for each and every dollar raised thus far.

They don’t care if they get no contributions as long as people understand the purpose of them and the proper justification for them. Not only what other people are speculating they are doing with this money, she remarked.

They are quite appreciative of the funds donated thus far. In the end, people are very kind.

shocking video of the moment of impact was leaked through a nasty TikTok video.

At the time, Shylah’s father informed Daily Mail Australia that his daughter had sustained injuries that would change her life.

I am unable to speak to my daughter. She would likely remain unconscious for some time, he said.

The wounds are horrifying. Horrific. She has a brain injury. Its pelvis, her arms, legs, back, and neck are all broken. Almost everything is broken. I simply don’t see how so extensive harm could have been caused.

Even the physicians have admitted that they haven’t seen something this horrible in a while.

The rollercoaster was moving at a speed of 70 km/h when she was struck, the police said last week.

According to a representative for the Melbourne Royal Show, “the safety and well-being of our show goers continues to be our number one concern.”

WorkSafe, a safety watchdog, is investigating if the assertion is accurate.

Just a few days after the event, the rollercoaster that injured her reopened.

The show’s management chose not to comment on whether or not additional safety measures had been implemented as a result.

»Shylah Rodden’s friend gives a terrible update«

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