Shocking Revelations Unveiled: Female Contestants Manipulated and Plied with Alcohol on The Bachelor Set by Creator and Executive Producer in Los Angeles

In a shocking expose detailed in Emily Nussbaum’s new book Cue The Sun: The Invention of Reality TV, backstage antics and manipulation tactics were exposed, painting a dark picture behind the scenes of The Bachelor.

Female contestants were allegedly chosen based on their likelihood to have dramatic breakdowns on camera.

Casting director Marki Costello is quoted as valuing instability, suggesting that being “unstable and pretty” was considered valuable gold for the show.

The criteria included personal vulnerabilities like being a “Daddy’s Girl” or a “Recovering Anorexic.”

Alcohol played a pivotal role in setting the stage for drama.

On the first day of filming, contestants were reportedly plied with free drinks, leading to chaotic scenes where some women, having pre-gamed on champagne, ended up urinating on the roadside due to the lack of facilities.

Contestants were allegedly pressured into embarrassing and compromising situations.

They were encouraged to perform acts like belly dancing to impress the bachelor and were even prodded to disclose personal and intimate details, despite their discomfort.

Behind the scenes, a culture of heavy drinking and drug use among the crew allegedly thrived.

Producers were reportedly rewarded for inducing emotional responses from contestants, such as crying on camera, with cash bonuses and luxury gifts.

Personal Lives in Turmoil

The personal lives of the show’s creators, Mike Fleiss and Lisa Levenson, added to the turmoil.

Despite being married to other people, they were reportedly engaged in an open affair, further complicating the already intense atmosphere on set.

Aftermath and Controversies

The fallout extended beyond the show’s success.

Mike Fleiss faced personal and professional challenges, including accusations of domestic violence and racial discrimination, ultimately stepping down from The Bachelor after a lengthy career marred by controversy.

Emily Nussbaum’s book delves into these revelations, shedding light on the questionable practices and personal dynamics that fueled the rise of reality TV as we know it today.

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