Qantas customer yells at employees for mistreating his wife

Qantas customer yells at employees for mistreating his wife

After complaining that the flight attendants were unpleasant to his wife and child and caused them to weep, a Qantas customer was expelled from the aircraft for cursing at them.

According to a Qantas spokeswoman who talked to Daily Mail Australia, the customer and his family were kicked off their October 20 Qantas QF44 Denpasar to Sydney aircraft for verbally harassing employees “a number of times prior to the airplane leaving Bali.”

The video, which was uploaded to TikTok by @drewalden75, shows an angry passenger yelling at flight attendants and becoming more agitated as they warned him that security would kick him and his family off the plane.

Tell them to come apologize, the person is heard urging the flight attendant. You are being disrespectful right now, and that is f****** awful, I am telling you.

The guy was upset over how he felt Qantas personnel treated his family in a harsh and arrogant manner.

The guy remarked, “They made her weep and she’s sobbing because they apologized for being disrespectful to her with a newborn child.”

Tell them to come and apologize right away. The things they did to her are so abhorrent.

After the clearly irritated guy was notified by a flight attendant that police had come and were going to remove him, the heated exchange proceeded to worsen.

The Qantas flight attendant can be heard apologizing to the guy and saying, “I’m sorry we can’t take you; the cops are here.”

Bring them here; if you must, eject my children. The guy said, “You are making my wife weep and now you are becoming upset at me.”

Sadly, sir, you were cursing at my workers. Sadly, we’re unable to transport you, the flight attendant said.

I informed you, sir, that you were cursing at my employees.

You can’t displease my staff,

You can’t disturb my family and childs, what are you talking about, you can’t upset my crew, my wife is sobbing, the guy said, now enraged.

I understand that the consumers aren’t very significant. Security, please arrive and remove you as well.

He was approached by a flight attendant who asked him to repeat himself. He yelled violently at her to “get out of my face, get the hell out of my face.”

Why are you talking to me like you’re someone when you’re not the cops, who do you think you are?

Do you believe you are some kind of prince?

According to a Qantas representative, the cabin staff followed protocol, and travel restrictions might be applied when a panel reviews the incident.

The Qantas representative added, “These customers were removed from the plane after repeatedly verbally assaulting our employees prior to the flight leaving Bali.”

“The safety of our patrons and personnel is our first concern, and we do not accept any abusive behavior,” the statement reads.

For the safety and comfort of everyone on board, “We encourage customers to obey the instructions of crew.”

The Tik Tok video generated controversy as people argued about who was to fault.

He’s correct, One participant said, “I’ll respond in kind if someone disrespects my family.

Another remarked, “Stuck up for his family, crew in the wrong.”

I can see his motivations for sticking up for a woman. But he ought to have approached it differently,” another person observed.

People fail to realize that when you start screaming, you become a flight risk. They can’t leave with you on board,” a fourth person said.

Another user said, “He should complain to customer service; not make a whole aircraft full of passengers feel uncomfortable.”

»Qantas customer yells at employees for mistreating his wife«

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