Princess Elizabeth and Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten Announce Engagement, Bringing Joy to Bomb-Scarred London in 1947

In the wake of London’s post-World War II devastation, a joyful announcement echoed through the city on this day in 1947: Princess Elizabeth and Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten were engaged.

The news brought a ray of hope to a city still reeling from the war’s aftermath.

The couple appeared on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, greeted by cheering crowds, before inviting the press inside for photographs and brief comments.

Elizabeth, at 21, was the young heiress to the throne, while Philip, a ruggedly handsome war hero of Greek royal descent, had renounced his own titles to serve in the British Royal Navy.

Both were great-great-grandchildren of Queen Victoria, a lineage that assured the stability of the Crown after the Abdication Crisis a decade earlier.

Despite the public’s adoration, not everyone at the Palace shared the same enthusiasm.

Courtiers, including King George VI’s private secretary Sir Alan Lascelles, expressed reservations about Philip’s suitability.

They doubted his refinement, education, and fidelity.

King George VI, cautious of their budding romance, delayed the public announcement until after Elizabeth’s 21st birthday, fearing it might be a fleeting teenage infatuation.

Little did he know, their courtship had already spanned seven years.

Early Days of Romance

Elizabeth first met Philip, then an 18-year-old naval cadet, during a visit to the Britannia Royal Naval College in Dartmouth in 1939.

Known for his “Viking” good looks and adventurous spirit, Philip left a lasting impression on the young princess.

Their early interactions, as recounted by their governess Marion Crawford, revealed Elizabeth’s immediate fascination with Philip.

Challenges and Criticisms

Philip’s background, marked by financial struggles and family turmoil, raised eyebrows among the royal circles.

Born in Corfu and exiled to Paris during his childhood, he faced accusations against his family and grew up largely without stability.

Despite these challenges, Elizabeth remained steadfast in her affection for Philip, supported by her cousin Margaret Rhodes and others close to the royal family.

War Years and Marriage

Philip’s wartime bravery and naval service, which included heroic actions in battles like Crete and Cape Matapan, earned him respect and decorations for his valor.

His dedication to duty and gallant actions overshadowed initial doubts about his suitability.

Their engagement, marked by a ring crafted from diamonds of sentimental value, symbolized Philip’s commitment to Elizabeth and their future together.

A Lasting Union

Against all odds, their marriage endured over 70 years, weathering both joyous moments and personal challenges.

Philip’s passing in April 2021 left a void that Elizabeth, despite pandemic restrictions, faced with stoic grace.

Theirs was a love that transcended initial doubts, proving skeptics wrong and defining an enduring royal legacy.

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