Prince Harry leased a £30,000 jet to Balmoral on the day the Queen died

Prince Harry leased a £30,000 jet to Balmoral on the day the Queen died

Prince Harry reportedly paid £30,000 for a private plane to reach Balmoral on the day the Queen passed away, before learning of her passing from a news app on his phone mere minutes before landing.

Pictured: The Duke of Sussex looks sombre while travelling from Aberdeen to Balmoral on the day of the Queen's death
Harry and Meghan were in the United Kingdom coincidentally when news of the Queen’s declining health broke.

King Charles and Princess Anne were in Balmoral with the Queen, while Prince Andrew, Prince William, and Prince Edward were transported to Aberdeen airport on a royal plane.

Harry, who is no longer a working royal after moving to California with Meghan, reportedly spoke with King Charles, who made it “extremely clear” that Meghan Markle was not welcome.

According to accounts, the new King of Britain called his youngest son and told him it was ‘inappropriate’ for the former Suits actress to be present, much to the dismay of Prince Harry.

Harry was reportedly so furious after the row that he ate dinner with Prince Andrew, Prince Edward afterwards, instead of his brother and father. Pictured: The Prince of Wales, Duke of York, and Earl and Countess of Wessex, arrive at Balmoral after the Queen's death

It is also alleged that during the ensuing argument, during which Harry battled to convince his father to allow Meghan to accompany him, he missed a flight transporting William and their uncles Andrew and Edward to Scotland, as well as the opportunity to say goodbye.

On the day of the Queen’s passing, while traveling from Aberdeen to Balmoral, the Duke of Sussex appears solemn.

Harry was reportedly so enraged following the altercation that he dined with Prince Andrew and Prince Edward instead of his brother and father. After the death of the Queen, the Prince of Wales, Duke of York, Earl and Countess of Wessex arrive at Balmoral.

To send Harry to Balmoral as fast as possible to join the rest of the Royal Family, a private plane was chartered.

Prince Harry at Aberdeen International airport following the Queen's death at Balmoral

Initial reports suggested that Harry learned of the Queen’s death via a phone call from his father, but The Telegraph says that the call never went through.

King Charles frequently attempted to contact Harry, who was aware of his efforts, but was unable to do so before the Queen’s death.

Harry learned of Her Majesty’s demise through a breaking news alert on his phone.

Harry returned to wife Meghan after joining the Royal Family late at Balmoral

However, palace sources insist that the statement was not made until all family members were told.

According to a source, the official announcement was delayed until everyone had been informed.

Prince Harry at Aberdeen International airport after the death of the Queen at Balmoral

After joining the Royal Family late at Balmoral, Harry returned to his spouse Meghan.

Prince Harry allegedly snubbed his father and brother at a Balmoral dinner when the new king forbade his wife to attend. King Charles III and the Duke of Sussex are pictured accompanying Princess Anne as they arrive at the Queen’s funeral at Windsor on September 19.

Part of the problem was contacting the Duke of Sussex.

Photos of Prince Harry’s automobile arrival at Balmoral revealed that he appeared glum and despondent.

Infuriated that Meghan was not permitted to join him in Balmoral, Harry reportedly ignored supper with the King upon arrival.

According to reports, he dined instead with Prince Andrew, Prince Edward, and Sophie, Countess of Wessex.

Others have rejected similar reports, with one source stating, “No dinner invitation was extended.”

Another noted, “This is less coordinated and more disorderly than one might believe.”

It was a difficult and distressing day for everyone.



»Prince Harry leased a £30,000 jet to Balmoral on the day the Queen died«

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