Post UTME Screening Exam: Tips To Answer All Questions and Finish On Time

Post UTME Screening Exam: Tips To Answer All Questions and Finish On Time

In this piece, I’ll show you how to pass your post-UTME exam in 2021 using proven strategies. Every aspirant hopes to achieve a high post-UTME score, surpass the cut-off point, and win admission to a university or polytechnic.

Whether you’re applying to Unilorin, UNN, UI, OAU, FUTA, ABU Zaria, UNIBEN, DELSU, FUTO, or another university, I’m confident you’ll find this post useful.

I struggled for several years to acquire acceptance into the university. At the time, my issue was a poor JAMB score. Even when I did acquire something decent, post-UTME proved to be a stumbling obstacle.

No, doubt, many students get impressive scores in their JAMB results. Unfortunately, some end up with low scores in their Post UTME. Sadly, they don’t gain admission despite their high JAMB score.

The cause is that many Nigerian students relax after getting high JAMB. They believe that their admission is a sure bet because of their 250 and above in the JAMB exam.

Even with a high score in the Joint Admission Matriculation Board exam, you may not get admission.

In the race for admission, you declare your success after you must have seen your name on the admission list.

That’s the time you can boast about how you blasted UNILAG, UNILORIN, FUTA, UNIBEN, UNIZIK, etc.

Post UTME Exam Format for Nigerian Universities

Gaining admission into the University or Polytechnic is in two stages.

Get a high JAMB score.

Complement your performance with an outstanding Post UTME result.

Post utme is no different from other exams. However, there are some peculiarities that you need to know. The major one is that a little amount of time is usually given, and if you are not fast enough, you may end up not answering a good number of questions.

So the purpose of this post is to point out a few things candidates can do that will help them be able to attempt all questions given to them within the allotted time.

1. Understand How Your School Sets Questions:

Schools have different methods of asking questions during the Post-UTME screening test. So it is usually advisable for candidates to get the Official Post-UTME past questions of their school of choice and carefully go through it to get an idea of what to expect before the screening test.

Some schools set as low as 40 questions while some set as much as 200 questions. Knowing the number of questions your school set and the amount of time given to answer the questions will help you know how best to approach the screening test so as to attempt all the questions within the given time.

So basically, knowing how your schools set questions and how best to maximize the time is the first step to your success in the exam.

2. Stop Reading and Start Revision a Few Days To Post UTME:

Few days before the screening test, it is usually no longer advisable to start reading large textbooks and notebooks. This is the time to revise with past questions instead even if you still have topics to cover.

The more you revise and solve past questions, the more your train your eyes and mind to recognize and interpret questions and find the answers within the least possible time. Many of these schools usually repeat questions though it may not be exactly, So practicing past questions will make it possible to recognize familiar questions as well as the answers.

3. Be at the Venue on Time:

Do all you can to arrive at the venue of the exam on time. The more relaxed you are, the better your brain will be able to function. Going late to any exam is one of the first steps to jeopardizing your chances of doing well in the exam.

Most schools will not even allow you into the hall if you are late and if they eventually do, you may not be in the best frame of mind to approach the exam the way you should.

Make sure you are at the venue at least an hour or 30 minutes to the time. That way you will be able to stay calm and relaxed and approach the exam with a minimal amount of pressure.

4. Pick Questions At Random: (Don’t waste time on any question)

Remember that the goal is to attempt all the questions within the given time. To finish on time, you may not necessarily need to attempt the questions serially. This means that you do not need to waste time on any question.

Once you do not know the answer to a question, just leave it and proceed to the next one. You can always come back to the ones you have not done and see if you can solve them.

If the questions are grouped into subjects like Maths, Engish, Biology, etc, it is equally advisable you start with the easiest subject to you before going to the more difficult ones.

Other Tips On How To Pass Post UTME Exam

Understand Post UTME Format

Study Post UTME Syllabus

Develop Effective Study Skills

Create A Good Study Environment

Practice Post UTME Past Questions

Boost Your Confidence in Post UTME Exam

Practice Post UTME Questions Online

Stay Informed On Post UTME News

Register for Your Post UTME

Know Your Exam Date and Venue

Eat Well Stay Healthy

Overcome Post UTME Anxiety and Stay Calm

Adhere to the Rules and Regulations of Post UTME Exam

Universities and Polytechnics have a different format for the conduction of Post UTME. Some schools may conduct aptitude tests while others would request documents.

Even for schools that conduct post UTME exams, they have a different format. For example, in UNN, aspirants write their four JAMB subject combinations. Universities like DELSU, RSU test students on qualitative & Quantitative reasoning, current affairs.

It is necessary to know the kind of questions you would tackle on the day of your examination. You cannot afford to be ignorant of this knowledge.

Some students only get to know these formats a few weeks before their exams. It usually does not end well for them.

You must know how your school of choice set their questions. It will help you prepare to score high in post UTME.

In case you do not know or understand the post UTME format for your school of choice. Tell me the name of the University and I will tell you the exam format.

Study Post UTME Syllabus

To pass your post UTME, you must study the Post UTME syllabus. Post UTME syllabus is a subject outline that contains a list of topics you must read and understand.

Inside the syllabus, you will get to know vital areas for the examination questions. For example, you will see statements like students should know this and that in the syllabus.

How to Get Post UTME Syllabus

The post UTME syllabus is the JAMB syllabus. Students who would write JAMB subject combinations use it for preparations.

For example, if you are applying for Nursing Sciences in UNN. Your Post UTME subject combination is Use of English, Biology, Physics and Chemistry. All you have to do is to study the JAMB syllabus on these topics for your exam.

A school that conducts screening base on the JAMB subject combination uses the JAMB syllabus.

JAMB syllabus is unused by schools that conduct quantitative or qualitative tests. In this case, you would have to get past questions to know how the exact exam format.

The best way to get a post UTME syllabus is to interact with students and aspirants of your school of choice. Students in your school of choice would be able to tell you what to expect in the Post UTME exam.

Also, as you interact with other aspirants, you would know if you are studying in line with the school’s Post UTME syllabus.

Develop Effective Study Skills

Developing a potent study skill is necessary for you to pass your post UTME. Without a good study plan, you would not be able to score high in your examination.

A productive study strategy entails identifying what works best for you. You must know the best time for you to  study.

»Post UTME Screening Exam: Tips To Answer All Questions and Finish On Time«

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