OnlyFans star details her experience after cat-eye cosmetic procedure

OnlyFans star details her experience after cat-eye cosmetic procedure

Following a neck lift and cat-eye cosmetic procedure, OnlyFans actress Weronika said that on an aircraft flight, her head “exploded” (which she detailed on her Instagram).

Since then, over 7 million people have seen the TikTok from October 21.

Weronika described how she slept off on a flight from Turkey to the UK and woke up with severe pain in her ear and the back of her head, where she had sutures running from the top of her ear to the center of the back of her skull.

“Like, how is it even possible? My real ear was hurting, too. I still cannot barely feel my ears,” she said.

Weronika mimicked the sound of her incision opening by saying, “Everything was really aching”. I got up, went to the bathroom, and I heard this audible pop.

When she felt the hot liquid begin to flow down her neck, she immediately grabbed some towels and began cleaning it off.

The stuff that comes out of you is like yellowy with blood and like pieces, she added, adding, “I don’t know if anyone’s done lipo, but it smells so horrible.” Obviously, there was blood.

Weronika clarified that she had a drain removed from behind her ear after surgery and believed most of the fluid had gathered there.

So, she reasoned, “all of that obviously must not have drained out, and when I got on the plane, it swelled up to the extent that the skin was pulling apart, and the nylon stitches couldn’t hold it anymore.”

She speculated that the pressure of the cabin and the swelling caused her incisions to burst apart, and “all the fluid just gushed out all in one go.”

Weronika returned to her seat and informed her partner what had occurred after stuffing tissues into the compressive headwrap she was wearing to soak up the liquid. She made the decision to leave the compression wrap on and waited until they could see it after the journey.

“The remainder of the journey left me in excruciating discomfort, and it felt sweltering hot, she claimed. This tissue was receiving all of that fluids. It was really repulsive.”

When she got home, she took a shower to remove the dried blood and emailed pictures of the wound in her skull to her surgeon. She said that she followed her doctor’s advice and did not touch the wound while continuing to take antibiotics.

She revealed to the audience that the wound had, in fact, get infected. She said that “it’s clearing up now, and it’s all okay” in the caption.

Weronika, who owns the “Sculpted by Weronika” company that provides services like stretch mark guidance and a compression guide, said to viewers that the purpose of her original TikTok was to “educate people about the unanticipated consequences following surgery.”

Some commentators speculated that she may be facing legal action.

She questioned the audience, “Sue who?” “Nobody committed any wrongdoing.” Weronika underlined that neither her doctor nor the airport medical personnel had denied her permission to travel and that no one was to blame: Things take place.

»OnlyFans star details her experience after cat-eye cosmetic procedure«

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