Nevada man brings pet CAMEL to Las Vegas In-N-Out

Nevada man brings pet CAMEL to Las Vegas In-N-Out

This strange incident occurred when a camel that like fast food waited in line at an In-N-Out drive-thru in Las Vegas to get some fries.

A 12-year-old dromedary camel named Fergie was in need of a food, and her handler Brandon Nobles was pleased to provide it.

As the two patiently waited for their time to place their order, an unusual occurrence was captured on video, attracting the attention of other guests.

The drive-thru crew shrieked with joy when Fergie approached the window, showing that she didn’t mind for a moment being the center of attention.

She enjoys eating French fries! As he gives the fries to Fergie, Nobles is heard saying.

Fergie enjoys other foods as well as fries. Additionally, she likes burritos, bagels, and a delicious burger. She even has her own Instagram account where she documents her visits to different take-out restaurants like Chipotle, Einstein Bros. Bagels, and Wendy’s.

Fergie, who didn’t seem the least bit hungry, is seen smiling while leaning into the window as several of the staff pull out their mobile phones.

He’s so adorable, one person said.

While some gazed in admiration at the magnificent Fergie, others questioned her absence from a farm or zoo.

The 65-year-old camel was moved earlier this year from Colorado to Nobles’ farm in Nevada.

»Nevada man brings pet CAMEL to Las Vegas In-N-Out«

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