Motorcyclist hits three people at 55mph

Motorcyclist hits three people at 55mph

A hit-and-run motorcycle accident involving three young schoolgirls was horrifyingly caught on CCTV by a passing car.

After striking the group on August 1 in Southampton while traveling at 55 mph in a 30 mph zone, Oskars Bolsteins, 27, was sentenced to prison.

Video showed how Bolsteins’ motorcycle’s rear wheel lifted off the ground when he used the brakes because of how quickly he was traveling.

After stopping his white Suzuki GSXR600 bike 31 meters further along the road, the rider quickly took off without leaving any contact information, startling onlookers who ran to aid the young girls.

Reconstructive surgery was required for the youngest, who was just 10 years old, due to a significant cut on her left leg. The other two, all 12 years old, were just slightly hurt.

A week later, Bolsteins was taken into custody and charged with many offenses, including inflicting severe harm by negligent driving, a brand-new crime for this year.

He received a nine-month jail term and a two-year driving prohibition.

According to a spokeswoman for Hampshire Constabulary, “Video video shows Bolsteins travelling at an extreme pace, so much so that when he braked to attempt to prevent striking the youngsters, his back wheel left the ground.”

A fast motorcycle rider had to stop so forcefully that his rear wheel rose off the ground at this exact moment.

‘In an ineffective effort to avoid hitting three little girls who were crossing the road.

The other two girls had just minor wounds, but the 10-year-old girl suffered a terrible open cut to her left leg that needed reconstructive surgery the next day.

The court was informed that Bolsteins moved his bike away from the scene after getting back on it.

Bolsteins was moving at “about 55 mph in a 30 mph zone,” the official said.

Driving nearly twice as fast as the posted speed limit in such a congested area of the city demonstrates exactly how careless Bolstiens was, according to Sgt. Nicholas Tucker of the Hampshire Police Roads Policing Unit.

And this video demonstrates exactly how forcefully he had to stop in an ineffective effort to escape the collision.

Bolsteins immediately hopped back on his bike and ignored the females who were hurt, leaving them in the middle of the road.

“We were able to get a favorable outcome in court because to the courage of the victims and the assistance of witnesses who came forward with photographs and dashcam recordings.

“I hope that this case demonstrates how devoted we are to holding negligent drivers accountable on behalf of their victims.”

Bolsteins was taken into custody and charged with inflicting severe harm by negligent driving, failing to stop after a traffic accident, driving without insurance, and driving without a license. Bolsteins had neither a license nor insurance at the time of the crash.

In Southampton Crown Court, he admitted to the crimes, and he was given a jail term and a driving prohibition.

One of the first people in the nation to be found guilty of inflicting severe harm by negligent driving is the 27-year-old.

»Motorcyclist hits three people at 55mph«

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