Mother of Kyle Filipowski’s Girlfriend Speaks Out Amid Allegations of Grooming and Manipulation in Madison, Alabama

Mother of Kyle Filipowski’s Girlfriend Speaks Out Amid Allegations of Grooming and Manipulation in Madison, Alabama

In Madison, Alabama, Amanda Hutchison, the mother of Kyle Filipowski’s older girlfriend, has finally spoken out amidst a whirlwind of allegations.

These accusations suggest that her daughter, 27-year-old Caitlin Hutchison, allegedly ‘groomed’ the college basketball star while he was still in high school.

The 20-year-old Duke graduate recently made headlines by getting engaged to Caitlin in April, a move that has since estranged him from his own family, who accuse Caitlin of manipulating and controlling him for nearly five years.

Amanda Hutchison, speaking from her home in Madison, acknowledges the storm of accusations surrounding the couple but remains resilient.

She reflects philosophically, noting the inevitable challenges that come with any positive aspect of life.

She hints at forthcoming developments without delving into specifics, emphasizing the need to weather these turbulent times.

NBA Draft and Fallout

Recently, the 6’11” Filipowski faced an unexpected setback in the NBA draft, dropping to the second round.

ESPN’s Jonathan Givony linked this surprise to off-court issues involving Filipowski’s relationship with Caitlin.

Responding to these implications, Filipowski’s mother, Rebecca, expressed concerns over the situation, highlighting a timeline that began while Filipowski was still in high school.

Filipowski’s oldest brother, Daniel, publicly voiced the family’s apprehensions, initially referring to concerns of ‘grooming and brainwashing,’ hinting at connections to Caitlin’s Mormon upbringing.

In subsequent posts, Daniel condemned Caitlin as manipulative, claiming she targeted Filipowski early on due to his potential as a rising sports star.

The Filipowski and Hutchison families had been close enough for their children to consider each other as extended family.

However, according to the Filipowskis, Caitlin allegedly abused this closeness to ensnare Kyle, recognizing his athletic potential and stature.

Allegations of Coercive Control

Daniel Filipowski shared screenshots outlining definitions of ‘coercive control,’ alleging that Caitlin subjected Kyle to manipulative behavior that eroded his freedom and independence over time.

He reached out to other families who may have faced similar experiences, emphasizing solidarity and support.

Uncertain Future

Despite Amanda Hutchison’s hints at forthcoming clarifications, the situation remains tense with no signs of reconciliation in sight.

She emphasized that the next steps were in the hands of Kyle’s agency and the NBA, suggesting ongoing legal and public relations maneuvers.


As both families brace themselves for what lies ahead, the saga continues to unfold, leaving questions about the impact on Filipowski’s career and personal life unanswered.

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