Man threatens to report landlord for sex discrimination

Man threatens to report landlord for sex discrimination

One angry man claimed that a village pub’s discounted Ladies’ Nights were “discriminatory,” forcing the proprietor to end his 12-year run of the events.

The Star Inn’s famed 50% meal discounts for female customers on Monday evenings in Lingfield, Surrey, have been discontinued by owner Simon Skinner.

After October, the cherished custom that began in 2010 will come to an end after one out-of-town customer threatened to file a complaint against the bar for “discrimination.”

On its Facebook page, the country pub said that the night, which is well-liked by both sexes, was created as a means of “righting the balance” in terms of gender inequity.

The complaint was called “ridiculous” and the “world had gone insane,” as regulars voiced their disbelief and fury.

Other followers offered solutions to the man’s issue, with some suggesting a “Men’s Night” on different weeks.

The 57-year-old proprietor said that in his 12 years as the Star Inn’s manager and in his 26 years of presenting this promotion, this was the first time anybody had complained about Ladies’ Night.

The man who complained on Monday night declined to pay the entire sum, according to West Sussex resident Mr. Skinner of Lindfield.

He was staying at our hotel, which is a tavern with rooms, and he was from out of town.

He began by making jokes about it before becoming serious. I reasoned that “this might escalate and generate a lot of negative news.”

“This is the first complaint I’ve received. When you planning to have a lads’ night?” would be a common joke among the guys.

However, they don’t mean it seriously. For the first time in 12 years, someone has really said that “this is discrimination, and it has to stop.”

“This man threatened to escalate the situation. Many Facebook commentators saw the tale as “What? Just one man’s complaint, please?”

But it’s not that easy; it’s a significant problem, and you need to address it.

Since the middle of the 1990s, Mr. Skinner has organized Ladies’ Nights at his prior locations, and he previously discovered that both men and women enjoyed it.

“Ladies Night was always terrific,” he added. “I acquired my first restaurant in 1996 and I began hosting Ladies Night there and had a successful eight years there.”

Although it was always done with the greatest of intentions, I always felt in my heart that it was a little dubious.

It was about helping women, who often don’t receive a fair shake.

I’ve been making this offer for a total of 26 years. We’ve had a fantastic run.

I’ve spoken to many folks about this night over the course of the last 26 years. Men and women alike are overwhelmingly pleased with this deal.

Approximately 20% of those attending on Monday nights will be males bringing their spouses along for what is essentially a cheaper date.

Mr. Skinner asserts that women are “more talkative” than males, which is why Ladies’ Night is successful.

“I believe guys realize deep down that women appreciate having that place where they can converse with friends,” he said.

The ladies will spend two hours talking about every area of their life when they arrive on Monday night.

That just doesn’t occur with guys. Most of the questions are “you okay?” “yes, you?” and “you watch the game?”

Women have a far stronger desire for communication than males do.

I just believe that it provides ladies something unique to themselves and is a wonderful way to keep up with friends.

The talk flows pretty smoothly during “Ladies’ Night.”

The other day, my wife had a friend over to look at something, but they ended up chatting for two hours.

I just don’t believe that males have all that much to say to one another. I’m aware that’s sexist.

“I know that me and my buddies can discuss, but ladies can have similar talks with acquaintances and coworkers,” said the woman. “A lot of males do have a lot to talk about.”

“I don’t believe males have the same connection unless they are extremely close,” said the speaker.

The Star Inn has always been a popular destination, with rooms sometimes selling out weeks in advance on Monday evenings.

Ladies’ Night will be completely booked two to three weeks in advance, according to Mr. Skinner.

We have 120 seats inside the tavern and 250 outside in the summer.

From a professional standpoint, Ladies’ Night offers several advantages.

Although you don’t earn much money selling meals at 50% discount, you do make money selling beverages.

The Star Inn’s “end of an era”

Full text of The Star Inn’s Facebook post:

The end of an era!

“For the last twelve years, we’ve had Women Night, offering 50% off dinner to all you wonderful ladies. Every week, we are completely booked, often weeks in advance, and many local ladies utilize it as a wonderful opportunity to catch up.

We were always aware that it was dubious because we were effectively discriminating against males, but in a society where women are disproportionately underrepresented, it was our modest contribution to redressing the balance.

‘Unfortunately, we will no longer be allowed to continue with this offer in its current form at the end of October due to a complaint from a guy who visited us on Monday night.

Please keep an eye out for an announcement on how we may continue hosting a ladies’ night in the future. We appreciate your tremendous support throughout the years.

It’s a terrific way to start the week off, and ladies will spread the word about it to their friends, which is excellent for PR.

If you get them in on a Monday night, they’ll usually come in with their families or partners later in the week.

Mr. Skinner is now thinking of ways to preserve the essence of Ladies’ Night.

I’m considering a few choices for the future, he remarked.

“Nothing is 100%,” they say. But the obvious choice is to continue calling it Ladies’ Night while offering 25% off for women and 25% off for men, although I haven’t yet shared this on Facebook.

Women won’t get anything more than males; it’s simply a moniker.

“That way, it maintains its uniqueness while being more equitable for everyone.”

Social media users swamped the Facebook post from the pub’s comments area.

One commenter suggested adding a night only for the lads in addition to the ongoing ladies’ night. They are then unable to complain. Then, nobody is left out.

And males like him are the reason we women like coming together on a Monday night, another person said. Keep it, but maybe alter the name.

“I adore your bar and good on you for having ladies’ night for 12 years, the fact that a male has put a stop to it!” one person said. Oh, how ironic.

One spouse said, “I went down with my wife on a Monday night.

I never had a difficulty paying the full payment for my lunch.

This community is becoming more depressing. It seems that some individuals find it irritating when others complain only for the purpose of complaining.

“All I can advise is to press on.” I’m certain that 99.9% of males won’t have an issue with it.

Others offered ideas about how the Star might serve everyone.

One person suggested renaming it and offering everyone a 25% meal discount. We must keep in mind that both men and women need the support of friends and groups in a society where equality is desired.

“Times are tough emotionally and financially for both men and women.” It may continue and eventually become inclusive in all aspects.

Some users disagreed with the male complaint and said that males shouldn’t be denied meal discounts.

He has a good point, said one. Why should a gathering of male buddies who want to catch up pay more? Discrimination is what it is.

Sadly, the rate of male suicide is significant; companions are needed for males as well. It’s bad to downplay the value of male friendships.

One person said: “Reading the comments makes me giggle. Imagine if it was a man’s night. The public would go crazy and immediately criticize the proprietors for prejudice. Just so you know, I don’t mind, but I had to remark.

»Man threatens to report landlord for sex discrimination«

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