Kari Lake argues Democrats are more moral than Republicans

Kari Lake argues Democrats are more moral than Republicans

Kari Lake provided a dossier containing 150 instances of Democrats doubting election results, and she says that this indicates the Democrats’ superior sanctimony than Republicans in this regard.

Former television news anchor Lake said that by exposing the obvious absurdity of media outlets repeatedly calling the GOP nominee a “election denier,” she was instructing journalists on how to perform their jobs correctly.

Democrats may raise concerns about elections, but Republicans cannot. When talking to reporters in front of a crowd of black fans, Lake was questioned.

Every one of you knows it’s a crock of BS, she said. We have our freedom of expression, and we won’t give it up to some false news propagandists, the saying goes.

In order to “help you understand how to be journalists,” Lake said the staff member who conducted the study would be pleased to provide reporters a copy of the 150 instances.

The candidate for governor of Arizona held out papers for the cameras as she flipped through them, showing instances of Democrats contesting the outcomes of other state elections, such as the 2018 Georgia governor’s race.

When questioned once again about whether she would accept the outcomes of the Arizona gubernatorial election, Lake said, “Let’s talk about election deniers.” Here are 150 instances of Democrats contesting election outcomes.

Karine Jean-Pierre, press secretary for President Joe Biden, sent out the following tweet in April 2020: “Reminder: Brian Kemp stole the governor election from Georgians and Stacey Abrams.” This was the first instance she gave.

When reading the tweet to the cameras, Lake said, “Oh, wow.” “That’s a Democrat phrase.” She said, “Is that an election skeptic?”

Abrams, who will face Kemp again in the 2022 midterm elections, has likewise declined to acknowledge if she lost the 2018 race and has questioned Georgia’s electoral integrity.

In another title, Hillary Clinton referred to Donald Trump as a “illegitimate president” in a Washington Post piece.

“Is she denying the election?” Lake smiled.

Before venting about how Democrats are praised for challenging the legitimacy of the American voting system but Republicans are branded as “election doubters” when they do the same, the Trump-backed GOP candidate gave a few more instances.

Lake referred to the 2000 presidential election, which necessitated a recount, and stated, “It’s been occurring for a long time.”

When asked whether she would accept the results of the Arizona governor’s race if she lost to Democrat Katie Hobbs, who has consistently declined to participate in a debate before the election, Lake remained quiet in a Sunday interview with CNN.

The fact that Lake did indicate she would accept a victory suggests that, if she prevails, she would consider the election to be genuine; nevertheless, if she loses, she will not.

In an interview with State of the Union anchor Dana Bash on Sunday morning, Lake said, “I’m going to win the race, and I will accept that conclusion.”

Bash then pressed Lake on whether she would accept the outcome if she lost, but she declined to respond immediately. Lake retorted, “I’m going to win the election.”

Because Katie Hobbs is a coward who won’t go on a debate platform, she claimed, “the people of Arizona will never support and vote for a coward like Katie Hobbs.” She added, “And I will accept that conclusion.”

In her response, Lake criticized Abrams for refusing to acknowledge that she lost the 2018 elections to Republican Governor Brian Kemp.

Stacey Abrams “never conceded in 2018 and she still hasn’t,” Lake said. I haven’t heard CNN refer to her as an election skeptic.

“We have the freedom to question our government and elections; it is guaranteed by our First Amendment.”

Donald Trump’s erstwhile supporter Lake now accepted his assertions that Democrats rigged and stole the 2020 presidential election to prevent him from gaining reelection and send Joe Biden to the White House.

In a PBS debate with her Republican opponent, Hobbs, who is competing with Lake for the position of governor of Arizona in the November 8 midterm elections, has declined to take part.

The Democratic candidate told CNN in her own interview on Sunday morning that her televised appearances are a suitable substitute for a face-to-face discussion with Lake and that the debate would be a “spectacle.”

The candidate said that she could discuss the problems more effectively with television personalities like Bash than she could in a setting where she believed she would be “interrupted” and “shouted over.”

Hobbs said of Lake that “she just wants a setting where she can control the discourse.” She is the one who avoids speaking with voters,

When questioned about a future debate, Hobbs referred to Lake as a “conspiracy theorist,” despite Bash’s observation that “a lot of Democrats are questioning your judgment.”

One of the states where the destiny of the U.S. Senate may be decided is Arizona, and the governor’s contests also illustrate the way states are moving in front of a possible 2024 reelection for both Biden and Trump.

Cook Political Report rates the governor’s race in Arizona, a crucial battleground state, as a tie.

Just weeks before the midterm election, Lake has suddenly overtaken Hobbs in surveys after trailing by three to seven percentage points for the most of the campaign, particularly after Hobbs declined to debate.

According to the average of polls, Lake is now ahead of Hobbs by over 1%.

»Kari Lake argues Democrats are more moral than Republicans«

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