How about Netflix’s Jeffrey Dahmer show?

How about Netflix’s Jeffrey Dahmer show?

Durban – Some viewers claimed they couldn’t make it past the first episode of the recently released Netflix series about Jeffrey Dahmer’s reign of terror, which would be an understatement.

However, there is no doubt that the cast, crew, and writers behind the show created an outstanding series. It’s so good that it makes me want to exclaim “eeek!”

Evan Peters’ portrayal of Dahmer, for example, could not send chills up your spine any faster.

Between 1978 and 1991, the homosexual serial killer in Milwaukee murdered 17 victims, the most of whom were young, gay African Americans.

The show also investigates the nature of interactions between the police and black people in America, as well as between the police and white people.

Evan Peters and Niecy Nash deliver the best performances of their careers inside three days. DAHMER – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story will reveal to the world that Jeffrey Dahmer had victims who also survived and that the system that enabled him to prosper still exists today – Premieres 9/21 on Netflix

18 September 2022 — Ryan Murphy Productions (@ryanmurphyprod)

Glenda Cleveland, portrayed by Niecy Nash, is one of the characters who brings this to light.

Cleveland repeatedly phoned the police to investigate Dahmer, but was frequently ignored.

Dahmer Producer and Color of Change President @rashadrobinson discusses the systemic unfairness that enabled Jeffrey Dahmer to prey on underserved communities and the resulting rise in activism. At midnight, DAHMER – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story will be available on Netflix.

20 September 2022 — Ryan Murphy Productions (@ryanmurphyprod)

“I, too, was unable to stomach it. Did not even complete the first episode,” Faith Mashaba stated on Facebook.

“I had to force myself to complete the pilot episode.” “Until I realized that the first victim had survived, I believed he would be murdered alive,” Palesa Mofokeng stated.

However, the drama did not end there. JOE claimed that Netflix initially marked the LGBTQ section when the 10-part series debuted, but then deleted it due to outrage from the public.

Dahmer is known in American culture for his grisly crimes, many of which involved the dismemberment and consumption of his victims.

In addition to the excessively explicit television show, rappers have composed lyrics about the convicted killer’s horrific reign.

Juicy J’s opening words in Katy Perry and Juicy J’s song ‘Dark Horse’ are: “Uh, she’s a beast I name her Karma (come back) She chews your heart out like Jeffrey Dahmer (whoa!).”

Jeffrey Dahmer should not have served as an influence for the 1980s and 1990s homosexual club culture. Plus, a Netflix show glorifies Jeffrey Dahmer more than it illustrates the heinousness of his actions, as evidenced by his fan accounts after the premiere of the show.

— 20SeptumPenetration22 (@SeptumPenetrate) September 26, 2022

There is no doubt that Dahmer’s reputation has brought him recognition, but viewers now believe that making the monster a celebrity wasn’t such a smart idea.

Some commenters praised Peter’s depiction of Dahmer’s malevolence, stating that his victims should not be forgotten.

Numerous online commenters discussed the police’s handling of Dahmer’s behavior over the years, alleging “white privilege.”

Jeff DAHMER exemplifies the concept of white privilege. #jeffreydahmer

24 September by LaShay (@shaebuttershay)

This idea was shown by a scene in which the police arrested Cleveland’s daughter for smashing a camera, but did nothing about the 14-year-old victim Dahmer claimed was his partner.

In the play and in real life, Dahmer’s father suggests that the drugs his wife took during her pregnancy may have contributed to his son’s actions.


»How about Netflix’s Jeffrey Dahmer show?«

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