Hillary Clinton Endorses George Latimer, Opposing Progressive Democrat Jamaal Bowman in Hotly Contested New York Primary

In a rare and unexpected political maneuver, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has endorsed George Latimer, the Westchester County Executive, in his primary challenge against the incumbent Representative Jamaal Bowman in New York’s 16th Congressional District.

Clinton’s endorsement has ignited considerable backlash, particularly from the progressive wing of the Democratic Party.

The Endorsement Announcement

On Wednesday, Clinton took to social media to announce her support for Latimer. “With Trump on the ballot, we need strong, principled Democrats in Congress more than ever,” she wrote on X, previously known as Twitter.

Her endorsement highlighted Latimer’s commitment to defending abortion rights, standing up to the NRA, and supporting President Biden’s agenda.

Progressive Backlash

The endorsement was met with swift condemnation from several progressives. Bhaskar Sunkara, a democratic socialist journalist, criticized Clinton, referencing her 2016 election loss. Similarly, Briahna Joy Gray, a former press secretary for Bernie Sanders, labeled Clinton’s endorsement as a clear signal for voters to support Bowman.

Gray noted Latimer’s comments about Bowman’s constituency, which she and others interpreted as Islamophobic.

Bowman and the Progressive Camp

Jamaal Bowman, currently serving his second term in Congress, is a prominent member of the progressive “Squad.” His tenure has been marked by strong criticisms of Israel, particularly following the October 7 conflict.

Bowman’s stance has alienated some constituents, leading to the withdrawal of endorsements from left-leaning groups like J Street. Despite this, he remains a favored figure among many progressive voters.

Latimer’s Campaign and Clinton’s Support

George Latimer, seeking to unseat Bowman, has positioned himself as a defender of traditional Democratic values.

In response to Clinton’s endorsement, he expressed his honor and gratitude, emphasizing his alignment with her decades-long service.

Latimer’s campaign has focused on local issues, criticizing Bowman for prioritizing national progressive causes over his district’s needs.

The Role of Clinton’s Endorsement

Clinton’s endorsement of Latimer is seen as a strategic move to reinforce centrist Democratic values in a deeply blue district.

By aligning with Latimer, Clinton signals a preference for candidates who balance progressive ideals with broader party unity. This endorsement has significant implications, given the district’s electoral importance and the competitive nature of the primary.

Bowman’s Controversial Moments

Bowman has faced several controversies during his time in office. Most notably, he was censured by the Republican-led House for an incident involving a fire alarm, which appeared to disrupt a vote.

This, combined with his outspoken criticism of Israel, has led to declining support within his party. Clinton’s endorsement of Latimer underscores this growing discontent and highlights the internal divisions within the Democratic Party.

The Progressive vs. Centrist Divide

Clinton’s move has deepened the rift between the party’s progressive and centrist factions. While mainstream Democrats appreciate Latimer’s approach, progressive leaders view Clinton’s endorsement as a betrayal.

This divide is reflected in the heated reactions from figures like Mehdi Hasan and Georgia State Representative Ruwa Romman, who criticized Latimer’s remarks and Clinton’s timing.

The Upcoming Primary

As the primary approaches, both candidates are intensifying their campaigns. Latimer, bolstered by Clinton’s support, aims to appeal to centrist voters, while Bowman continues to rally his progressive base.

The outcome of this primary will not only determine the district’s representation but also signal the direction of the Democratic Party in addressing internal ideological conflicts.


Hillary Clinton’s endorsement of George Latimer over Jamaal Bowman has stirred significant controversy and highlighted the ideological battles within the Democratic Party.

As the primary election looms, the clash between progressive and centrist values will play a crucial role in shaping the party’s future and its approach to addressing both local and national issues.

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