Gregory Lee Roser is found guilty of Bruce Saunders’ Gympie killing

Gregory Lee Roser is found guilty of Bruce Saunders’ Gympie killing

Gregory Lee Roser was held responsible for killing Bruce Saunders five years after his corpse was discovered in a woodchipper.

When emergency personnel arrived at a residence north of Brisbane in November 2017, all that was left of Mr. Saunders were his legs poking out of the chipper.

At his five-week Brisbane Supreme Court trial, Roser, 63, did not contest Mr. Saunders’ murder.

Roser claimed to have’shamefully’ helped dispose of the corpse in the chipper and then lied to the police about it, claiming it was an industrial accident.

Roser, however, claimed that Peter Koenig, another guy, killed Mr. Saunders when they were cutting down trees at the Goomboorian farm close to Gympie.

With Mr. Saunders’ family and friends present, the jury found Roser guilty on Friday morning after starting its deliberations on Tuesday afternoon.

According to The Crown, Sharon Graham urged her boyfriends Koenig and Roser to murder her ex-partner Mr. Saunders and make it seem like an accident so that she could collect his $750,000 life insurance.

Roser said that in spite of demands to kill the “happy go lucky” Mr. Saunders from Graham and Koenig, he resisted.

Koenig, however, said that while they were finishing up their job at the property, Roser repeatedly struck Mr. Saunders with a metal rod.

Roser had a poor back, so Koenig said to the court that he assisted in carrying the corpse to the chipper.

Koenig said that in order to make it seem more accidental, he fed Mr. Saunders into the machine while leaving his legs protruding.

He added, “Just to leave a little piece of Bruce… for the cops to see.”

The court heard that Mr. Saunders was slain after becoming caught up in a “love triangle.”

Graham shared a house with Mr. Saunders but had separate beds, was dating Roser, and had “intimate contact” with Koenig.

The court heard that Mr. Saunders had made out his will and life insurance policy in Graham’s favor because he was still “besotted” with her.

Before Graham, 61, and Roser successfully requested a separate trial, they had both entered a not-guilty plea to murder.

Earlier this year, Koenig entered a guilty plea for being an accessory after the fact to murder.

»Gregory Lee Roser is found guilty of Bruce Saunders’ Gympie killing«

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