Explorers Uncover UFO Phenomenon in Ancient Arizona Canyon, Revealing Evidence of Extraterrestrial Portals

In a recent episode of the History Channel’s Beyond Skinwalker Ranch, stunning footage has captured what appears to be multiple UFO sightings within a remote, ancient canyon.

Hosted by Paul Beban, a veteran journalist, and Andy Bustamante, a former CIA agent, the episode took viewers to Rock Art Ranch in northern Arizona.

This private cattle ranch is renowned for its thousands of ancient Native American petroglyphs, which some experts believe depict evidence of portals.

At Rock Art Ranch, the hosts engaged with Jon Dover, a former Navajo Ranger, to delve into the significance of the petroglyphs.

These rock carvings, dating back over 13,000 years and considered sacred, depict animals, enigmatic three-fingered figures possibly representing extraterrestrials, and what researchers speculate to be portals.

Travis Taylor and Eric Bard from Secret of Skinwalker Ranch joined the investigation, urging the hosts to contemplate the petroglyphs’ messages and potential meanings.

Taylor, an astrophysicist with experience investigating UFO phenomena with NASA, suggested that ancient Indigenous cultures may have viewed cave systems as portals to other dimensions.

Thermal Imaging and Field Measurements

Armed with thermal imaging equipment, the team conducted groundbreaking experiments never before attempted at Rock Art Ranch.

They measured energy levels, vibrations, and even observed temperature differentials among the rock formations.

Unexplained Phenomena

During their exploration, the team witnessed inexplicable occurrences, including the sudden appearance of two cigar-shaped UFOs moving at incredible speeds.

These sightings coincided with rituals performed by a Native American medicine man, who seemed to influence the behavior of orb-like UFOs through rhythmic drumming and chanting.

Ongoing Investigation

The episode also highlighted ongoing investigations linking Rock Art Ranch to Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, exploring possible connections through similar petroglyphs and paranormal phenomena.

As the team continues their research, they aim to uncover more about these ancient mysteries and their potential ties to extraterrestrial encounters.


Tuesday’s episode of Beyond Skinwalker Ranch provided a riveting look into the intersection of ancient art, paranormal activity, and modern scientific inquiry.

With ongoing discoveries and unexplained sightings, the exploration of Rock Art Ranch promises to uncover more about humanity’s ancient past and its enduring fascination with the unknown.

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