Exiled Russian MPs Strategize Military Campaign from Warsaw against Putin’s Government, Led by Ilya Ponomarev

In a clandestine gathering in Warsaw, dozens of former Russian MPs, now in exile, have devised a daring strategy aimed at toppling Vladimir Putin’s government.

These politicians, once members of Russia’s Duma, assembled to outline a seven-point plan dubbed the Victory Plan by the Congress of People’s Deputies (CPD).

The Victory Plan Unveiled

Led by the outspoken former politician Ilya Ponomarev, the CPD’s plan includes calling on NATO for support in a campaign that doesn’t mince words— military resistance, expanded sanctions against Russia, and increased military aid to Ukraine.

Their stance is clear: they believe that forceful action is not just an option but a moral imperative.

NATO Summit Proposal

Their proposals are set to be formally presented at the upcoming NATO summit in Washington DC.

The group argues that targeting Putin’s inner circle, including financiers and propagandists, is justified under international norms given the ongoing bloodshed in Ukraine and Russia.

Political Landscape and Operations

Formed in 2022, the CPD claims over a hundred members, including current Duma representatives who operate anonymously.

Despite presenting themselves as Russia’s legitimate opposition, they are closely tied to the Freedom for Russia Legion, a military unit supporting Ukraine, and the National Republican Army (NRA), a partisan group within Russia.

Controversial Actions and Impact

The NRA has claimed responsibility for high-profile military resistance, including that of Vladlen Tatarsky and Darya Dugina, underlining their readiness to use lethal means in their fight against Putin’s regime.

Navalny’s Legacy and Current Challenges

Meanwhile, Alexei Navalny’s allies, like Leonid Volkov, continue their struggle from exile.

Despite setbacks and personal attacks, Volkov remains resolute, urging Western allies to bolster Ukraine’s defenses and reject any negotiations with Putin.

Looking Ahead

For these exiled politicians and their allies, the road ahead is fraught with challenges.

Their actions signal a determined effort to reshape Russia’s political landscape, albeit through controversial means.

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