Commentary: Anambra, Excelling In Fisheries And Aquaculture

Commentary: Anambra, Excelling In Fisheries And Aquaculture

On assumption of Office in 2014, Governor Willie Obiano unfolded a master strategy to transform aquaculture and fish production activities into a leading player on national-global food markets in line with revolutionizing the agriculture economy. In his quest to eliminate poverty, create more employment opportunities and food security, Governor Obiano pioneered the creation of the Anambra Fisheries and Aquaculture Business Development Agency, FABDA. No other state in Nigeria has such commodity focused Agency.

To ensure continuity, Governor Obiano sent an Executive Bill to the house of Assembly, which was passed and the Governor accented accordingly. Hence, the agency developed a master strategy to reorganize, create and reposition the fisheries and aquaculture economy in Anambra State.

The agency created systems and projects to efficiently increase fish production, create jobs and provide more business opportunities to inspire wealth creation. FABDA also developed a policy framework to guide operations in the distinct segments of the fisheries and aquaculture value chain.

ABDA moved and encouraged existing projects in the sector and revived some abandoned ones. It launched the pilot Fish Production Villages as new entrepreneurship settlements across the State and has encouraged different methods of fish culture in Anambra State including, Tarpaulin, Plastic, Fibre and Concrete tanks respectively as well as earthen ponds etc.

FABDA further consolidated the production of catfish and has already systematically introduced Tilapia and other commercially viable fish species in the fish production business in the State. As a result, Ndi Anambra have taken up fish production to their various communities and deployed different methods, according to available terrains ranging from Mobile fish ponds (using plastic, tarpaulin and fiber tanks respectively), Concrete fish ponds to earthen ponds.

Furthermore, FABDA has just concluded two-day intensive training of some selected Anambra youths from across the 21 local government areas of the state. The business training on Table fish production was to empower the youths of Anambra State to become stakeholders in the aquaculture sector of the state geared towards creating more youth millionaires, boost the economic growth and development of the state and create more employment opportunities amidst limited job opportunities.

The training, held at FABDA boardroom and compound, featured both theory and practical sessions aimed at getting the participants well equipped towards minimizing risk and loss. It was part of the efforts to prepare Anambra youth for the fish villages located in the three Senatorial Districts of the state. This is because FABDA was established to engage youths and women, which in the long run will improve the standard of living of fish farmers, boost productivity and help in the fight against good insecurity.

These noble achievements were, no doubt, stimulated by the enabling environment created by the Obiano administration, Aku-luo-uno and the pro-agric-business policies of the State government.

With Governor Willie Obiano’s visionary initiation of institutionalizing the development of the fisheries and aquaculture economy, all actors, stakeholders and the organized private sector have been synchronized with the government, while FABDA is creating and promoting enabling environment for fish business and aquaculture to thrive.

The policy framework for simultaneous development of the fisheries and aquaculture economy manifested in the establishment of critical infrastructure by the Obiano administration, hence, the construction of fish production villages across the three senatorial zones in the State.

The agency therefore calls on Ndi Anambra and the fisheries and aquaculture business community, together with prospective investors to begin the development of their businesses around the ongoing fish production village projects in the three senatorial zones of the State.

With all these measures in place, there is no doubt that Anambra will continue to export fish and fish products.
»Commentary: Anambra, Excelling In Fisheries And Aquaculture«

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