Child breaks her leg days after brand-new playground opened

Child breaks her leg days after brand-new playground opened

Just a few days after the brand-new playground opened, a small child shattered her leg climbing down a playground slide.

In Wollongong, south of Sydney, at the brand-new Shellharbour Reddall Reserve Playground, two-year-old Tailah Smith was sliding down the slide when her horrified family heard a “crack.”

When Tailah injured her leg while sliding down the second-largest slide on the playground, she continued to cry until her family could arrive and help her.

She spent the whole day on the slides, her father Jason Smith told the Illawarra Mercury.

We don’t know how that occurred, but since her leg was up behind her buttocks, he speculated that maybe her shoes got caught and began to grab the plastic.

The slide literally made a crack that I could hear, and she then simply began screaming. I began floating down after her as soon as she reached the bottom, where her mother and brother were waiting for her. When we attempted to stand her up, she was unable to support her weight.

Her tibia had shattered, according to tests at Shellharbour Hospital, where the family had hurried her.

Mr. Smith said he was striking his head on the edges of the slide when he went down it himself and advised others to use caution.

He said he wouldn’t forgive himself if another youngster suffered a major injury at the park if he didn’t warn others about the hazard.

People on Facebook were split on the slide’s contentious pace.

Some people dismissed playground incidents while others said the new park was “wonderful,” and one person referred to the slide as “viciously steep” and unsafe.

“Let children be kids!” This park seems amazing! Accidents may unfortunately occur anyplace, said one user.

Another person said, “Yea know that slide is extremely steep.”

After sliding down the slide, one lady uploaded a picture of her battered legs on Facebook.

It is safe to predict that this slip will cause more injuries in the future. It was entirely unexpected when I was on it. The twists wrecked both of my legs,” she stated.

Definitely wouldn’t advise little children to continue or double up.

According to a spokeswoman for Shellharbour Council, they would examine the slide and look into the event, according to the Illawarra Mercury.

Since it was opened, the playground has not been the scene of any other significant occurrences.

Reddall Reserve, according to the council, is a place to “challenge” youngsters and is equipped with a flying fox, natural play, and a number of slides and tunnels to accommodate kids of all ages and skills.

Others likened the park to Berry’s infamous Boongaree Nature Play Park, which since its debut in January has earned the reputation as being Australia’s most deadly slide.

Since it debuted, more than 40 small children have gravely hurt themselves on the playground’s slide alone, sparking intense discussion for months.

Mitch Liddicoat, an irate father, filed a petition when his three-year-old daughter Harlow fractured her leg on the iconic playground slide.

Before the day took a tragic turn when Harlow requested to ride “the big slide,” Mr. Liddicoat told Daily Mail Australia that he and his wife Tayla were thrilled to take their kids to the park for some fresh air and fun.

She was waving to his mother as they reached the top, and she begged him to accompany her down the slide.

We were unaware that the slide had a significant bend that is difficult to perceive from the outside.

Mr. Liddicoat said that the power of the slide was enough to frighten him and that he finds it hard to understand how it is considered safe for young children.

We were launched into the slide’s sides as we descended at an incredibly rapid pace. He said, “It felt like being in a dryer.”

When we reached the bottom of the slide, Harlow was screaming blood-curdling cries after hitting her leg on the slide’s side.

I still have a hard time removing the music from my brain; I’ll never forget it.

He said that the family afterwards saw a guy sliding down the slide and were astounded to see him launch into the air and fall “flat on his back.”

Wow, that’s pretty risky, he stood up and remarked, according to Mr. Liddicoat.

“How is it safe for a three-year-old kid if it’s not safe for a mature man?”

After being transported to the hospital from the playground, doctors discovered that Little Harlow had a “extensive break” in her tibia.

There are already 124 signatories, many of whom have shared terrifying tales of the slide.

This slide is too risky to be on a playground for kids. It’s just a matter of time until someone has a fatal concussion from it since so many youngsters have been gravely harmed. Someone commented, “Replace that with something safer.”

Another person wrote, “My granddaughter fractured both of her legs on the same slide.”

I have video of my 6-year-old son using this same slide when his foot became trapped on the bend, forcing his whole leg and knee to bend in the other direction. He was quite fortunate not to have also shattered his leg, said a third poster.

»Child breaks her leg days after brand-new playground opened«

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