Brazen robber grabs 14-foot skeleton from Texas front yard in daylight

Brazen robber grabs 14-foot skeleton from Texas front yard in daylight

An egregious thief was caught on tape taking a 14-foot-tall skeleton from the front yard of a Texas condo owner in the middle of the day.

The burglar pulled up to the victims’ Austin house in a white SUV at approximately 4.45pm on Saturday, disassembled the skeleton, and placed it in her trunk, according to video from a neighbor’s Ring doorbell camera.

In the CCTV tape, a woman burglar with red hair could be seen exiting her SUV and lifting the trunk.

Before removing the skeleton’s foundation, she seems to assess the gangly Halloween decoration by softly dragging on its legs.

The lady then seems to be attempting to jam the enormous skeleton into her trunk as she flips it over.

Then, according to FOX News, the lady thought it would be simpler to tear apart the bones as she threw them into her car and sped off.

The president of the Home Owners Association for the condominium complex, Grazia Ruskin, said the neighborhood was startled that the crime took place when so many people were outdoors.

According to Ruskin, who lives in the area on a private road, there haven’t been any such thefts since a spate of auto break-ins around three or four years ago.

She said that after this, the area updated its lights and asked homeowners to utilize security cameras as a deterrent.

According to Ruskin, the deceased was a sick single mother who was killed. Her neighbors are now offering a $50 prize for information leading to the discovery of the bones.

She informed the news station that it was “simply a Halloween decoration.” But someone entered our area and seized [her] things, and I don’t approve of that.

Now, Ruskin is hoping that the $50 incentive would encourage whomever took the ornament to give it back.

It may assist the person who stole it to clean their conscience and, you know, send us in the right path if they gave us $50, she said.

If someone is suffering so much that they take a Halloween decoration out of desperation, we would band together and tell them, “You don’t have to steal from us.”

The body snatcher seems to be driving a third-generation Denali, produced between 2007 and 2014. In the interim, neighbors are hopeful that other Austin residents may be able to recognize the body snatcher from the video.

A black or chrome roof rack, a black antenna on the roof above the driver’s seat, potential damage to the front bumper on the driver’s side, and maybe missing license plates are some further distinguishing characteristics.

The community is asking anybody with knowledge on the missing skeleton to email them at

»Brazen robber grabs 14-foot skeleton from Texas front yard in daylight«

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