BBC’s Garden Rescue Star Lee Burkhill Shares Top Hardy Plants for Easy Maintenance in UK Gardens

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a newcomer, keeping plants alive and thriving can be a challenging endeavor. Many gardeners, despite their best efforts, find themselves struggling with dying plants.

The journey to creating an idyllic outdoor space often comes with its fair share of difficulties and disappointments.

Expert Advice for Garden Success

Lee Burkhill, an award-winning garden designer and presenter on BBC1’s Garden Rescue, offers a solution to boost your chances of gardening success.

Burkhill recommends incorporating what he describes as “near-indestructible garden plants you can’t kill.”

These hardy and low-maintenance plants are ideal for UK gardens and can make gardening a more enjoyable and less frustrating experience.

Geraniums: The Resilient Bloomer

One of Burkhill’s top recommendations is geraniums, also known as cranesbill, pratense, or rozanne.

These hardy geraniums require minimal maintenance once established and are known for their prolonged blooming periods.

Burkhill explains that these popular bedding plants will flower for seemingly months at a time, providing continuous color and interest in your garden.

Geraniums are also economically beneficial for gardeners, as they can be separated and propagated to create more plants at no extra cost.

Their ability to quickly develop and flourish makes them an excellent choice for both novice and experienced gardeners.

Lady’s Mantle: The Ultimate No-Fuss Plant

Alchemilla mollis, commonly known as lady’s mantle, is another plant Burkhill champions for its resilience. This flowering plant, part of the rosaceae family, is described by Burkhill as “impossible to kill.”

Lady’s mantle boasts limey green leaves that bead water after rain and produce acid-yellow flowers in the summer.

Burkhill highlights that lady’s mantle is perfect for poor soil, rockeries, and shady spots. Additionally, it is slug-proof, adding to its appeal as a low-maintenance plant.

Its self-seeding nature ensures it will spread and thrive with minimal intervention, making it an ideal addition to any garden.

Crocosmia: The Bulletproof Beauty

For those new to gardening or with busy schedules, Burkhill recommends crocosmia.

This plant features pleated leaves and funnel-shaped flowers that bloom from July to September. Crocosmia is praised for its durability, with Burkhill noting it is “pretty much bulletproof.”

Crocosmia provides value beyond its flowering period, offering attractive foliage from May onwards. This plant adds height and structure to a garden without demanding significant effort from the gardener.

Its longevity and minimal care requirements make it a practical and beautiful choice for any garden.

Sedum: The Tolerant Evergreen

Sedum, also known as stonecrops or hylotelephium, is another of Burkhill’s top picks for an indestructible garden plant. This evergreen is remarkably tolerant of neglect and can survive in both very hot and very cold weather.

Burkhill points out that sedum requires no maintenance or pruning, provided it doesn’t become waterlogged.

Once sedum begins to flower, it will proliferate throughout the garden, providing continuous interest and color. Its resistance to slug damage further enhances its appeal as a low-maintenance and hardy plant.

Sedum’s adaptability and resilience make it an excellent choice for gardeners looking to reduce the time and effort spent on garden maintenance.

Embracing Resilient Plants for Garden Success

By incorporating these near-indestructible plants recommended by Lee Burkhill, gardeners can create and maintain beautiful outdoor spaces with less effort and frustration.

Geraniums, lady’s mantle, crocosmia, and sedum offer a combination of vibrant colors, attractive foliage, and resilience, making them ideal for UK gardens.

Burkhill’s advice underscores the importance of selecting the right plants to ensure gardening success.

With these hardy plants, both seasoned gardeners and newcomers can enjoy a thriving and picturesque garden with minimal maintenance. Embrace these resilient plants to transform your garden into an easy-to-maintain and stunning outdoor retreat.

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