Arnold Schwarzenegger meets an experimental Holocaust survivor in Auschwitz

Arnold Schwarzenegger meets an experimental Holocaust survivor in Auschwitz

Arnold Schwarzenegger, a well-known action hero, went to the Auschwitz concentration camp on Wednesday to spread the phrase “terminate prejudice once and for all.”

The surviving barracks, watchtowers, and gas chamber remnants, according to the former governor of California, are proof that the Nazis executed Jews and others during World War II.

The legendary Nazi physician Josef Mengele, popularly known as the Angel of Death and famed for his horrific experiments on prisoners at Auschwitz, conducted tests on a lady when she was only 3 years old.

Schwarzenegger was alongside Simon Bergson (right), who was born after the war to Auschwitz survivors

After visiting the death camp, he remarked in a former synagogue that now serves as the headquarters of the Auschwitz Jewish Center Foundation, “This is a tale that needs to remain alive, this is a story that we have to tell over and over again.”

Schwarzenegger remarked, “Let’s combat bigotry together and put an end to it once and for all.”

He stood next to Simon Bergson, an Auschwitz survivor who was born after the war. Given their similar ages, Bergson and the Terminator star claimed to be working together to eliminate discrimination.

Schwarzenegger, an Austrian native, also spoke about his own ancestry.

The 75-year-old stated, “I was the son of a guy who was a soldier who served in the Nazi war.”

In the past, he has been outspoken about his father, Gustav Schwarzenegger, who served as a Nazi soldier during World War II.

Gustav Schwarzenegger, Arnold’s father (17 August 1907–13 December 1972),

He promised that his visit to Auschwitz would not be his last and inscribed the visitor’s book with the iconic words “I’ll be back.”

He made his first trip to the horrific site of the Nazis’ Holocaust against Jews and others in southern Poland as part of his work with the Auschwitz Jewish Center Foundation, whose goal is to eradicate hate through education.

He was given the foundation’s first “Fighting Hatred” award in June for his social media anti-hatred stance. He said that he was shooting a new action series in Canada at the time and was in a “COVID bubble,” making it impossible for him to attend in person.

In a video that was shared on social media in March, he said that Russians were being misled about the conflict in Ukraine and that President Vladimir Putin was sacrificing Russian military for his personal interests.

In that video, he brought up bitter recollections of how his own father was misled while fighting and how, after being injured at Leningrad, he returned to Austria a shattered man—both physically and emotionally.

He shared it with his 22.2 million Instagram followers and the Facebook page of ATTN, a media organization, and expressed his love for Russia and the Russian people before criticizing Putin and the Kremlin.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, calling the invasion of Ukraine a “humanitarian tragedy,” has made a direct plea to the Russian President and the Russian people to reveal “the truth” about it.

He addresses Putin directly, calling him a “long-time friend” of the Russian people, saying, “To President Putin, I say, you began this conflict.” This conflict is being led by you. This conflict can be ended.

Let me simply ask you, why would you sacrifice those young guys for your own ambitions? he further challenges Putin and his Kremlin colleagues.

In only one hour, the nine-minute video had over 250,000 views on Instagram and 120,000 on Facebook, with hundreds of comments praising the movie actor for his attempts to halt the continuing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Around 1.1 million individuals are thought to have died at Auschwitz during the war, according to historians. Jews made up around one million of them. In addition to Roma and Russian POWs, some 75,000 Poles also perished there.

»Arnold Schwarzenegger meets an experimental Holocaust survivor in Auschwitz«

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