Shylah Rodden’s rollercoaster disaster filmed: man’s account

Shylah Rodden’s rollercoaster disaster filmed: man’s account

He “hasn’t slept since,” according to the traumatized man who unintentionally recorded the horrific moment a young lady was hit by a rollercoaster traveling at 70 km/h.

Shylah Rodden, 26, was hit by the ride while Jordan claimed he was photographing his sister and her girlfriend riding the Rebel Coaster at the Melbourne Royal Show on Sunday.

In the horrifying footage, Ms. Rodden is seen being carried halfway up the ride’s subsequent loop before plummeting nine meters to the earth.

Out of respect for Ms. Rodden’s family, Daily Mail Australia has decided not to publish the upsetting video.

Jordan said he is traumatised and 'hasn't slept' since accidentally filming the moment Shylah Rodden (above) was hit by a roller coaster at the Melbourne Royal Show

The roller coaster was rushing towards Ms. Rodden when she walked to the track and knelt down to get something, according to Jordan.

It everything occurred simultaneously rapidly and slowly. I saw someone being carried up suddenly, but I was also thinking, “F**k, my sister, my girlfriend,” he told 7News.

With “horrific” face injuries that her family characterizes as “life-changing,” Ms. Rodden is still in a coma.

Jordan was, however, taken aback by Ms. Rodden’s sudden silence after the blow.

She didn’t scream, which I missed. I believe that the shouts I heard were those of passersby. It occurred so quickly, he said.

Ms. Rodden (above) had “horrific” wounds, including facial damage, many shattered bones, and brain damage.

Angry internet bullies who blame Ms. Rodden for her injuries while she is still in a serious condition and unable to speak, much alone defend herself, have come under fire from Ms. Rodden’s heartbroken family.

Her sister, Caisha, told Daily Mail Australia, “It’s terrible and sickening to witness the fake tales and cover-up while my sister is struggling for her life.”

The injuries to Ms. Rodden are far severe than anybody anticipated, according to her father, Alan Rodden.

I can’t speak to my daughter, of course. She would likely remain unconscious for some time, he said.

The wounds are horrifying. Horrific. She has a brain injury.

Its pelvis, her arms, legs, back, neck, and just about everything else is broken.

“I simply don’t understand how the devil such harm was done,” said the speaker.

Even the physicians have admitted that they haven’t seen something this horrible in a while.

Their tragedy comes only two months after the passing of Ms. Rodden’s brother, Jason.

In the days leading up to her accident, Ms. Rodden writes, “Dad sat me down and informed me that my brother had departed dead.”

He was more than just my older brother; he was also my best friend, my everything, and the role model I aspired to be.

He showed me the difference between good and bad, and he was never hesitant to express his true feelings. He taught me so much about life.

It doesn’t seem real, yet I keep expecting a call from you.

Jordan said that the issue was under control quickly thanks to the hardworking emergency personnel that responded to Ms. Rodden’s incident on Sunday.

People who were still on the roller coaster were physically relocated to a higher platform while police and show personnel rapidly roped off the area.

Before being able to exit the trip, passengers had to wait for almost 45 minutes.

Police at the scene, according to Jordan, were “extremely kind” and quickly provided witness counseling.

My hand was trembling as I attempted to write my name at the bottom of the statement. I hope that never occurs again since I’ve never encountered anything like it.

Caisha said that at the time of the occurrence, her sister was employed by the program.

Shylah was in fact employed there. She was sent on her break with another employee and they decided to go on a couple rides to pass the time, and this horrible thing occurred,’ she added. She was helping out her buddy at her stand for the day.

The Melbourne Royal Show was given the go-ahead by WorkSafe to reopen the attraction on Tuesday.

The decision has subsequently been criticized by Ms. Rodden’s family as being “shameful” in light of the horrific injuries their sister and daughter suffered only two days before.

Police are requesting that anybody who saw the event call them.

»Shylah Rodden’s rollercoaster disaster filmed: man’s account«

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