Angie Harmon’s Daughter Arrested for Burglary and Larceny After Allegedly Breaking into North Carolina Nightclub

In a shocking turn of events, Avery Sehorn, the 18-year-old daughter of actress Angie Harmon and former NFL star Jason Sehorn, was recently arrested and charged with felony burglary and larceny.

The incident occurred just days after Avery celebrated her high school graduation, casting a shadow over the family’s recent joy.

The Incident at the Nightclub

Avery Sehorn, along with two 17-year-old boys, allegedly broke into the World Night Club in Charlotte, North Carolina. According to reports, the trio sneaked in through the back door, hid behind the bar, and consumed more than $500 worth of alcohol.

Their activities were discovered by the club’s cleaning staff, prompting the owner to report the theft to the police. Surveillance footage reportedly captured the incident, though the club owner has chosen not to release it publicly.

Arrest and Charges

Following the incident, police quickly apprehended Avery and her accomplices. Avery was charged with burglary and larceny, serious felony offenses that could have significant legal repercussions.

She was photographed for her mugshot, appearing distressed, as the reality of the situation set in. Details regarding her court appearances remain unclear at this time.

Recent Graduation and Future Plans

The timing of Avery’s arrest is particularly poignant, coming just days after her graduation from Charlotte Christian School on June 2.

Angie Harmon had recently expressed her pride and joy over her daughter’s achievement, sharing heartfelt messages and family photos on social media.

Avery’s plans to attend the University of Alabama in the fall add another layer of complexity to the situation, as she now faces legal challenges that could impact her future.

Angie Harmon’s Recent Struggles

This arrest is the latest in a series of distressing events for Angie Harmon and her family. Just weeks earlier, Harmon made headlines when she revealed that her beloved dog, Ollie, had been shot by an Instacart driver.

Harmon shared the tragic news on Instagram, explaining that the driver claimed self-defense despite showing no signs of injury.

The incident left the family devastated, and Harmon’s emotional recounting of the event on Good Morning America highlighted the profound impact it had on them.

Harmon described hearing the heart-wrenching screams of her youngest child upon discovering what had happened to their pet.

“You don’t ever forget that sound,” she said, her voice breaking. “It’s so unfathomable to think there is somebody in your front driveway that just fired a gun.”

Legal and Emotional Repercussions

The police investigation into the shooting of Harmon’s dog concluded without pressing charges against the driver, who maintained that the dog tried to bite him.

However, Harmon has announced plans to pursue legal action, seeking justice for her family and their lost pet. This legal battle, combined with Avery’s recent arrest, places the Harmon family under significant emotional and legal strain.


Avery Sehorn’s arrest and the subsequent charges of burglary and larceny represent a stark contrast to the celebratory mood following her recent high school graduation.

As the family navigates these challenging times, the support of their loved ones and the resolution of these legal issues will be crucial.

Angie Harmon’s recent experiences, from the tragic loss of her dog to her daughter’s legal troubles, underscore the unpredictable and often tumultuous nature of life.

The coming months will be critical for the Sehorn-Harmon family as they seek to overcome these hurdles and find a path forward.

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