31-year-old Northern California surfer torn open by shark

31-year-old Northern California surfer torn open by shark

A great white shark bit into a man’s surfboard and then his right leg, leaving him with severe injuries, but the 31-year-old survivor kicked the shark in the head to save his life.

Jared Trainor was surfing alone on Centerville Beach in Northern California’s Humboldt County on Sunday when the shark surfaced, knocking him off his surfboard, according to The Times-Standard newspaper in Humboldt.

Centerville Beach is a nine-mile stretch of pristine beach along the Pacific situated between cliffs and dairy farms.

The shark took serious and skilled surfer Trainor underwater, where it started to eat his right leg.

The experienced surfer said that by gripping the shark’s body with one hand and kicking it with his undamaged leg until the animal released him and swam away, he was able to free himself.

Trainor’s life was spared by the swift decision, but not without severe damage.

According to the news source, Trainor suffered horrific injuries on his right leg and thigh during the terrifying adventure that required doctors to staple them shut.

The injuries were over 19 inches in length and as wide as the great white’s jaws.

Trainor amazingly made it to the shore, where he used a friend surfer’s cellphone to contact for assistance.

He said that the “first encounter” was difficult for him to remember because “it occurred so rapidly.” According to a source in the Times-Standard newspaper, Trainor stated, “I’m fortunate to be alive.”

I’m hoping this fosters a greater appreciation, he said, since I love surfing so much.

Sister of Trainor, Haley Martino, started a GoFundMe to seek money for her brother’s medical costs.

He had many thigh wounds, but he is fortunate to be alive, she stated.

He and his wife Desiray just were hitched in July, and they could need all the aid they can get with medical bills since this will be a protracted recuperation.

Martino reportedly said that her brother is currently recuperating at home and that he “is in discomfort but in good spirits” in part.

By Monday afternoon, they had raised over $13,000 of their $50,000 target.

Trainor said on the Instagram page of The Shop, an Arcata-based surf shop, that he “will certainly think twice before surfing alone myself.”

Some of these places that have a little bit more marine life are more distant, he said.

Many others wished Trainor a fast recovery and praised his bravery during the terrifying experience.

One comment said, “Jared you r one strong man, hoping for a fantastic recovery!”

Someone another said, “So pleased he’s okay. Shark obtained a good bit. Glad you received attention quickly, they stated. Just keep in mind that girls like scars. Rest well.”

Warrior status, pleased he’s okay, said a second.

The Ferndale Volunteer Fire Department has acknowledged that Trainor’s wounds were caused by a shark bite.

“As far as our membership goes, we don’t recall ever experiencing anything like this.” This serves as a warning that there are several risks to be mindful of while visiting the beach, according to the agency.

According to a 2017 news item in The Sacramento Bee, Humboldt County has had 16 shark attacks since 1960, the Associated Press stated.

In 2020, a great white shark appeared in Humboldt County’s Shelter Cove, nearly saving the life of a kayaker, according to the news source.

»31-year-old Northern California surfer torn open by shark«

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