18-year-old detransitioner blasts Biden’s “gender-affirming care”

18-year-old detransitioner blasts Biden’s “gender-affirming care”

An activist who just “detransitioned” from male to female at the age of 18 has deemed President Joe Biden’s attitude on “gender-affirming” medical therapy to be “hazardous.”

Chloe Cole, who transitioned to male at the age of 13 and later regretted her decision at the age of 16, says that the acting president is ‘attempting to advocate for more child experimentation.’

She previously described her road from transitioning to detransitioning, stating that puberty blockers and surgery ‘permanently and severely’ harmed her body.

Her remorse stems from the assumption that she was persuaded by social media rather than gender dysphoria, and she now places the blame on the medical personnel who, according to her, did not question her transition decision.

She stated, “The system failed me.” I literally lost several organs.

During a recent interview with six progressive activists, including transgender TikTok sensation Dylan Mulvaney, Biden was asked about his position on whether or not states should control medical treatment for minors with gender dysphoria.

‘Sometimes they try to restrict your access to specific medications, procedures, etc.,’ he explained.

I believe no state or individual should have the authority to do that.

As a moral and legal matter, I simply believe that it is wrong.’

In reaction, Cole remarked, “Biden’s remarks are hazardous.” He is attempting to lobby for additional child experimentation.

Her response is based on the sorrow she now feels, suggesting that future adolescents may be persuaded to irreversible treatment.

Gender dysphoria is the phrase used to describe the discomfort a person feels when their biological sex and gender identity conflict.

Cole stated that she was ‘disappointed’ by Biden’s decision to talk with Mulvaney and that the interview was politically driven from the start.

Cole stated, “I seriously doubt he genuinely believes it.”

His positions on several issues have fluctuated throughout the years as he has aged.

Cole states that she is experiencing negative effects from her double mastectomy as a result of her decision to ‘detransition.’ Her body is rejecting the skin grafts, which requires her to wear bandages.

She recently remarked that she was uncertain if she would be capable of long-term fertility or if the testosterone medication had harmed her eggs.

Cole stated, “I haven’t had any help during my detransition whatsoever.”

I was responsible for determining whether or not breast reconstruction would be funded by insurance and whether or not I would be required to take hormone replacement therapy.

Cole, from Central Valley, California, stated in a July meeting with Medicaid officials in Tallahassee, Florida, “no child should have to face what I have.”

Before transitioning, she was advised by therapists that she did not comprehend the repercussions.

At one time, she stated, “I was unintentionally and cruelly severing my actual self from my physical body.”

She continued, “This understanding was actually one of the greatest factors that lead me to realize that this was not the path I should have pursued.”

Later, she was asked what counsel she would provide to the public. She answered, “Do not transition your children.”

The adolescent was “medically transitioned” between the ages of 13 and 16, having her mastectomy in June 2020 at the age of 15.

In addition to taking testosterone and puberty blockers, she began using the name Leo.

Chloe has already discussed her transition openly, stating that she came out to her parents at age 13.

She told the New York Post earlier this year that her exposure to LGBTQ+ advocacy on Instagram at age 11 prompted her to transition.

She stated, “I became increasingly exposed to LGBT information and action.”

At the time, I didn’t have a lot of friends of my own, so the amount of praise trans individuals were receiving online really struck a chord with me.

Since then, Cole has established Detrans United, a support network for transgender adolescents who have chosen to “detransition.”

‘Seeing other women who were further along in the process of detransitioning and knowing that I had a lot of work to make and a lot of healing to do from there really helped me look forward to the future,’ she said.

Cole will not receive funding for ‘detransitioning’ operations, despite having insurance assistance for her hormone treatment while transitioning.

She stated, “I will certainly have to pay out of pocket for any treatment I receive.”

These procedures are, at best, experimental. If they are performed on a patient and the experiment fails, insurance companies should be responsible for covering the costs.

She is also advocating for the nation-wide development of policy.

“This entire process of transitioning children while they are still developing… people are going to wake up and realize that it’s wrong, that it’s occurring everywhere, and that it must end,” she said.

I believe it to be inevitable.

»18-year-old detransitioner blasts Biden’s “gender-affirming care”«

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