Woolworths, Qantas, Australia Post: Most trusted brands revealed despite some facing big scandals

Woolworths, Qantas, Australia Post: Most trusted brands revealed despite some facing big scandals

A new ranking of Australia’s most trusted businesses reveals that despite recent negative news, many of them have managed to remain highly esteemed.Qantas CEO Alan Joyce (left) is pictured with his husband Shane Lloyd. Mr Joyce has been slammed over his huge salary

The Roy Morgan Trusted Brand Awards evaluated organizations including supermarkets, media organizations, automobiles, travel, services, banks, insurance, retirement plans, and others.

The winner was Woolworths, with Qantas, Toyota, Australia Post, and ABC following closely behind.

Roy Morgan branded Woolworths the “best of the best” after it dethroned Bunnings from the number one slot for the second consecutive year.Qantas is the most trusted travel and tourism brand in Australia

Australia’s national airline has found itself in the most trouble over the past year, despite the fact that all of the other firms are plainly held in high regard by Australians.

Alan Joyce, CEO of Qantas, is photographed with his husband, Shane Lloyd. Mr. Joyce has been criticized for his enormous compensation.

Qantas Is the most reliable travel and tourism company

The previous week, a video surfaced of a passenger on a Qantas flight from Denpasar to Sydney yelling at a flight attendant, “You are being nasty, and it is f**king filthy.”

The man replied, “(Flight attendants) made her cry, and she’s weeping because they were disrespectful to her with a newborn baby. Please apologize.”

Although he was taken from the airplane, he received significant social media support.

“He is correct. One reader remarked, “I would do the same thing if someone disrespected my family.”

Second wrote, “Stuck up for his family, crew in the wrong.”'The only way you teach Woolies a lesson is if don't buy your fresh fruit and vegetables there - go down the road to green grocer or come to Flemington markets,' said farmer Guy Gaeta

Alan Joyce, CEO of Qantas, received a reported $287,000 pay raise this year, bringing his total compensation to a staggering $5.5 million.

Australia’s most reputable travel and tourist brand is Qantas.

As air travel returned following the epidemic, both Qantas and its subsidiary, Jetstar, were plagued with delays, cancellations, and other issues.

In April, Mr. Joyce was forced to apologise after blaming customers’ lack of “flying fitness” for long lines at Australian airports.

However, Australians are a forgiving people, and Qantas remains one of the country’s most trusted brands.

Woolworths – Most reliable grocery storeAustralian motorists are being forced to wait four years for a brand new Toyota LandCruiser (pictured) due to 'unprecedented global demand', even though the most ordered style has been around for almost 40 years.

Not only did Woolworths win the title for most trusted supermarket, but it was also the overall winner.

According to the Roy Morgan awards, Woolworths’ customers deemed the company to be “responsive to consumer demands and a provider of quality items.” There are no grounds for mistrust.

Another buyer stated, “Their rates, customer service, and delivery are all excellent.”ABC is one of Australia's most trusted brand, but it was slammed this year for making it difficult for people to view it online. ABC presenter Virginia Trioli is pictured

Farmer Guy Gaeta stated, “The only way to teach Woolworths a lesson is if you don’t buy your fresh fruit and vegetables there – walk down the road to the green grocer or come to Flemington markets.”

In a June Daily Mail Australia piece, however, a farmer urged Australian consumers to boycott Woolworths because of its prices.

Guy Gaeta, an apple and cherry producer from Orange, New South Wales, stated, “The only way to teach Woolworths a lesson is if you don’t purchase your fresh fruits and veggies there – go to the green grocer down the street or to Flemington markets.”Australians have heaped criticism on Australia Post over a frustrating and apparently common delivery fail where posties don't deliver parcels despite the customers being home

Mr. Gaeta asserted that households may reduce their fruit and vegetable expenses by 50 to 60 percent by purchasing at the Flemington markets in Sydney.

Toyota – Most dependable automaker

Toyota is not just the most trusted automaker in Australia, but also the market leader by a wide margin, selling over 14,000 vehicles in September alone.

Last week, though, “one of the largest lawsuits in the country’s legal history” charged that Toyota utilized “defeat devices” to conceal vehicle emissions and circumvent requirements.

Popular four-wheel drive automobiles, utes, and vans named in the case include the Toyota Hi-Lux, LandCruiser, RAV4, Prado, Fortuner, Granvia, and HiAce.

Toyota stated in a statement that it stood by its reporting of all vehicle emissions and will ‘vigorously’ defend itself.

Due to “record worldwide demand,” Australian drivers will have to wait four years for a brand-new Toyota LandCruiser (pictured), even though the most popular model has been available for over four decades.

Brendan Pendergast, a special counsel for Maddens Lawyers, stated that the case would allege that certain Toyota automobiles used “advanced engineering” and “many sensors” to comply with emissions limits under test settings, but not during actual operation.

According to Maddens, Toyota could be forced to pay up to $1 billion.

It was revealed in September that Australian drivers must wait four years for a brand-new Toyota LandCruiser due to “record worldwide demand,” despite the fact that the most popular model has been available for over four decades.

ABC – Most dependable media brand

According to the Roy Morgan awards, the ABC is the most trusted media brand in Australia, however there is sometimes a love/hate relationship with the network.

The broadcaster rejected viewer requests in March to delay the launch of a new “log in to watch” feature on its iView platform.

The login, which is required to access the majority of the national broadcaster’s streaming content, has been deemed an inconvenience by even the ABC’s strongest supporters.

ABC is one of the most trusted brands in Australia, but it has been criticized this year for making it difficult for people to watch its content online. Pictured is ABC presenter Virginia Trioli

There are however others that despise ABC nonetheless, such as the Daily Mail commenter who stated, “The ABC is one of the country’s greatest taxpayer-fund abusers.”

They continued, “Either privatize it or make it pay-per-view so people who do not wish to watch it do not have to pay for it.”

Another individual stated that the ABC was the “largest annual waste of $2 billion in taxpayer funds.”

Australia Post Is the most dependable service

Australia Post was among the top 20 and earned the award for best service overall.

However, it also manages to be the Australian organization that receives the most complaints behind Qantas.

The delivery, and frequently non-delivery, of shipments and the dreaded “Sorry we missed you” card are a common source of complaint regarding Australia Post.

The corporation compensated the Melbourne couple Wade Short and Veronica Lisbon $3,000 after they were frequently left collection slips and spent a half-hour per week getting their mail from the post office.

Australians have criticized Australia Post for a frustrating and apparently common delivery failure in which postmen fail to deliver packages to clients who are at home.

Early in the year 2020, Mr. Short observed that the local postman would leave parcels near the front door or a collection slip in the mailbox without first knocking to see whether anyone was home.

Once, the delivery driver hurled one of the packages up the front stairs of his Melbourne home and then fled, later claiming that the stairs did not meet safety regulations.

Several Daily Mail Australia readers shared their own experiences with the postal service after relating to the story.

‘Happens to me often; I even have them on tape not ringing my doorstep and simply mailing me a card out of laziness,’ stated one.

However, Australians appear to be willing to forgive and forget Australia Post.

Winners of the Trusted Brand Awards from Roy Morgan in 2022

Woolworths supermarket

Retail                                                                                       Bunnings

Department & cheap department store      Kmart

Retail products Samsung

Australia Post Service

Salvation Army charity

Apple engineering

Qantas travel and tourism

Cadbury food and drink

Toyota automobiles

Alternative financial services


Superannuation                                                           AustralianSuper

Insurance                                                                        NRMA

HBF Private medical coverage

Red Energy Utilities


Media                                                                                 ABC

Mining & petroleum                                                     Fortescue Metals

Banks                                                                                  Bendigo Bank

Australian broadband communications

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