While the EU contemplates refuge, Russian men are drawn into the Ukraine war

While the EU contemplates refuge, Russian men are drawn into the Ukraine war

As tens of thousands of military reservists and detainees are sent to Ukraine, fresh photographs reveal that Russian couples have been compelled to bid their last goodbyes.

Separations now often include young couples and non-combatant males and take place at army checkpoints and train stations.

After Putin’s failed invasion of the neighbouring nation, 300,000 men have been partially mobilised, including convicts and even efforts to enlist the dead.

Following the Kremlin leader’s announcement of the army increase, protests broke out in major cities, and lines have formed at the country’s borders as young men try to leave.

On their route to training, soldiers have sometimes been seen drinking and fighting.

Yesterday, Charles Michel, the president of the European Council, urged EU nations to provide sanctuary to Russian conscientious objectors who were fleeing the conscription.

He said that the EU should be accessible to “people who don’t want to be used by the Kremlin.”

“We must take this into account,” he said Politico, “if individuals in Russia are in danger because of their political ideas, because they do not support this insane Kremlin decision to start this war in Ukraine.”

“A reluctance to fulfil one’s civic duty in Russia or a desire to do so does not constitute adequate grounds for being given refuge in another country,” Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu had said.

It happened at a time when the military was visiting Ukrainians in Russian-controlled regions of the Ukraine and ordering them to cast ballots in so-called referendums that were roundly denounced by foreign observers.

According to one “ridiculous” survey, Donetsk and Luhansk residents support joining Russia by 97%.

Additionally, polling places have been created all around Russia, presumably to let displaced Ukrainians cast their ballots.

In actuality, however, they provide greater chances for vote-rigging.

The British ambassador to Ukraine, Melinda Simmons, said that the election results had “already been determined” and that the “fake” referendums were a “media exercise aimed to drive further an unlawful invasion by Russia.”

Despite this, the votes are a major milestone in the conflict since Putin will be able to declare that any Ukrainian efforts to retake those territories constitute an attack on Russia.

This broadens the range of tools at his disposal to ‘protect’ his region, maybe even involving nuclear weapons.

Additionally, it would give Putin the opportunity to turn his “special military operation” into a full-fledged conflict, enhancing his ability to enlist personnel and punish any who attempt to leave.

»While the EU contemplates refuge, Russian men are drawn into the Ukraine war«

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