What happens if Queen Elizabeth, the monarch, passes away?

What happens if Queen Elizabeth, the monarch, passes away?

Operation London Bridge, a mechanism that has been in place since the 1960s, will come to fruition on the day that Queen Elizabeth II passes away.

So what happens if Queen Elizabeth, the monarch, passes away?

According to British Heritage.com, there are a number of behind-the-scenes events that must take place before the general public learns that the Queen has died away.

* Operation London Bridge starts after the Queen passes away.

Sir Edward Young, KCVO, the Queen’s private secretary, will be in charge of informing the Prime Minister once London Bridge has been taken down before the information is made public to the remaining 36 Commonwealth countries, including South Africa, and the 15 other countries where the Queen is the head of state.

The Global Response Centre of the Foreign Office, which has offices in an undisclosed part of London, carries out this function.

When a notification is posted on the gates of Buckingham Palace, the general public first learns of her passing.

*On their left arm, all employees must wear a black armband that is three and a half inches broad.

* The Press Association and other news organisations will thereafter get a statement.

At this point, the major TV networks will stop airing their usual programming, and the newscasters will don black suits and ties.

A blue light flash will signal to DJs on-air to cut to news as soon as possible, and blanket coverage will start.

* Prince Charles will succeed Queen Elizabeth as soon as she passes away.

* He is free to pick his own name, and Charles III is what is anticipated.

* All procedures will be completed at this point, including a meeting of the Accession Council in St. James’ Palace.

* One day after the Queen’s passing and when his siblings have ceremoniously kissed his hand, he will be crowned King.

There will be announcements, and Charles will go to Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland while the Queen is lying in state.

At St. James’ Palace, he will speak his first words as monarch.

* King Charles III’s coronation will be scheduled a few months after the burial, and Prince William will eventually assume the title of Prince of Wales.

before the funeral

The Queen’s remains will stay at Buckingham Palace for the anticipated 10-day period between her passing and her funeral so that the family may spend time together.

* After that, she will be transported to Westminister Hall, where she will remain for a few days so that people may pay their respects.

* In 2002, more than 200 000 people paid a visit to the Queen Mother’s grave. The Queen’s corpse will subsequently be taken to Westminister Abbey for a state funeral on the tenth day.

* The British government and the military services will coordinate the burial, which will be attended by state authorities from all across the globe.

Imagine the Queen passing away at Balmoral.

If the Queen passes away while in Balmoral, a few things change. Her remains will be transported from Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh to St Giles Cathedral for a funeral ceremony.

By that time, the general public will have been informed, and they will probably gather to toss flowers at the Royal Train as it returns the corpse to London for the funeral.

On the funeral’s day,

A national day of mourning will be observed by the nation (including the stock market), and Big Ben will ring at nine in the morning on that day.

»What happens if Queen Elizabeth, the monarch, passes away?«

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