Two USAF F-16s chase two Russian aircraft in Alaska

Two USAF F-16s chase two Russian aircraft in Alaska

As tensions with Moscow rise, the US Air Force stopped and escorted two Russian bombers that were flying close to Alaska.

The two Tu-95 Bear-H bombers were ‘positively’ spotted on Monday as they were flying in the Alaskan Air Military Identification Zone (ADIZ), according to NORAD, a joint US-Canadian defense agency.

Before it could reach Canadian or American airspace, two USAF F-16 fighters intercepted it, but the aircraft’remained in international territory.

The two planes were not seen by NORAD as a danger or as provocative action.

Foreign military aircraft that fly into the ADIZ are tracked and definitely identified by NORAD. According to the agency, NORAD constantly tracks the movements of foreign aircraft and, when required, guides them out of the ADIZ.

The discovery occurs as tensions increase after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The US continues to apply sanctions on Russia while giving Ukraine billions in help.

In a recent statement, Vladimir Putin said that he does not believe there is a necessity to launch large-scale military operations against Ukraine “at this time,” adding that such an action would cause a “world disaster.”

The Russian strongman also said that the current military mobilization he ordered is coming to an end and that, once it does, he has no future intentions for conscription.

Additionally, he reiterated the Kremlin’s stance that Russia was ready to have discussions, albeit he added that if Ukraine was keen to participate, they would need to be mediated by an outside party.

Since the targeted objectives of the previous week’s bombings had been reached, he said that there was presently no need for “major strikes” against Ukraine, but that may change in the future. He further reiterated that his objective was not to destroy Ukraine.

Massive strikes are not necessary at this time. Other tasks are available. right now. Then everything will be obvious,” he said, adding, “We don’t set ourselves the mission of destroying Ukraine. At the summit of the Commonwealth of Independent States, Putin declared, “Of course not, not at all.

Fears of Moscow initiating nuclear attacks have grown throughout the conflict, particularly after Putin’s invasion suffered a string of humiliating failures.

Putin raised the number of his strategic nuclear bombers stationed at an airfield close to the Norwegian and Finnish borders, satellite photographs indicate, it was disclosed on Friday, just before he spoke in Astana.

The defense minister said that the goal of the “partial mobilization,” which he announced last month, was to recruit 300,000 troops, was nearing its conclusion and would be done in two weeks.

“No further action is anticipated.” The military ministry has not submitted any ideas, and I don’t anticipate any more demand in the near future.

Out of 300,000 individuals, 222,000 have already been mobilized. All mobilization efforts will be finished in around two weeks. According to him, 16,000 of them are active in the military action in Ukraine, and 33,000 of them are already enrolled in military units.

He said that while some Kremlin friends had condemned his decision to mobilize reserve troops to fight in Ukraine as disorderly, it had been essential to maintaining the front line. As the line of contact is 680 miles long, Putin said, “it is essentially impossible to hold it with troops made up exclusively of contract soldiers, particularly given the fact that they engage in offensive operations.”

When questioned about if he regretted authorizing the attack of his neighboring nation on February 24, Putin said, “No.” Although he admitted that the conflict was difficult, he insisted that he thought what his men were doing was morally correct.

To put it simply, he remarked, “What is occurring now is unpleasant, but we would have had the same thing a little later, except under worse circumstances for us.” Therefore, we are responding appropriately and promptly.

Putin said that he “doesn’t see the necessity” for negotiations about a cease-fire with US Vice President Joe Biden, but he made it clear that he was open to talks with Kiev.

“We should find out whether he is willing to have these discussions with me or not.” When questioned about a prospective meeting with Biden outside of the G20 conference in November, Putin said, “I don’t see the necessity, to be honest.” He stated that he had not yet made up his mind about attending the meeting that Indonesia was hosting.

“The decision about my visit there has not yet been made. Russia will undoubtedly participate. Following a conference in Kazakhstan, Putin told reporters, “We’re still debating the format.

Biden said earlier this week that he had “no intention” of meeting with Putin but left the door open to further discussions.

Additionally, he criticized Germany for supporting NATO.

Germany must choose between pursuing its own national interests and upholding its alliance duties, in their opinion. In this instance, it seems that Germany prioritized its responsibilities to the (NATO) alliance. I think we made a mistake here,” he remarked.

German firms, residents, and the country’s economy will pay a price for this error since it will have a detrimental impact on both Germany and the rest of the eurozone. However, relatively few individuals consider its interests, as a result of which Nord Stream 1 and 2 were damaged.

“However, despite the fact that one branch is still operational, as I previously said, no decision has been taken and is not expected to be made. However, this is now our partners’ company and not our own.

Meanwhile, on Friday, Lukashenko urged the West and Ukraine not to put his friend Russia in a difficult position by stating that Moscow has nuclear weapons for a purpose.

»Two USAF F-16s chase two Russian aircraft in Alaska«

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